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Hand of a Princess is the third scenario of the reworked Prithviraj campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.


My king was in love with Sanyogita. The two would sneak away from their courts to meet in border towns and wooded groves, where they would embrace under the bright light of the moon.

But for all their secrecy, their romance could not be hidden from the powerful Jayachandra and his army of spies.

The mighty king would never approve of his daughter marrying his own rival. Instead, he ordered a swayamvara - a ceremony where Sanyogita would choose her husband from the men invited by her father. Jayachandra invited all the princes and kings of India to the ceremony, except for one.

Almost one. In mockery of Prithviraj, Jayachandra had a clay statue made in the young king's image to serve as the doorman to his court.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • Sanyogita and Prithviraj must survive.
  • Rescue Sanyogita and bring her to the Wonder in Lal Kot.
  • (secondary) Kill or convert the elephants of the Yadavas.
  • (secondary) Win with at least 550 years remaining on the timer.


  1. A large army would be noticed by Jayachandra's spies. You are therefore restricted to a 50 population limit and cannot construct new buildings.
  2. More units can be raised at friendly camps. The Chaulukyas will also provide help if you reach their two towns.
  3. Monks and siege weapons will make even a small force much more effective. Protect these vulnerable but helpful units.
  4. A king makes his own path. Do not forget that certain siege weapons can help clear forests and open up new routes of travel.
  5. According to legends, Prithviraj fought his way into Kannauj, but there may be a way to slip quietly into the city.


  • Prithviraj intends to rescue Sanyogita before she is forced to wed. He must reach Kannuaj (3, Purple) and then bring the princess safely to Lal Kot (2, Green) before the season ends.
  • Jayachandra (5, Red) guards Kannauj and the paths to the city with a diverse army, but has no cavalry. Take advantage of the speed of Prithviraj's horsemen when fighting Jayachandra.
  • The Chaulukyas (6, Yellow) have two nearby towns and will aid Prithviraj in his quest with siege weapons and Elephant Archers.
  • The Yadavas (4, Orange), taking advantage of Rajput infighting, have invaded from the Deccan. Their elephants and fleet-footed infantry dominate the south.




  • Lal Kot (Indians)
  • Kannauj (Indians)
  • Chalukyas (Indians)
  • Sanyogita (Indians)


  • Yadavas (Malay)
  • Jayachandra (Indians)


The scenario must be won in less than 700 years.

Research Fletching and Padded Archer Armor at the Blacksmith immediately. Send units along path to capture two melee units and defeat small enemy group. Send the nearby Monks south to capture the two elephants. North of there, the player will find a Siege Onager. Kill enemy units near the Siege Onager while ignoring buildings. Use units to distract the enemy defending Siege Onager on the cliff face while the player's own Siege Onager rolls past. It can then cut down trees to go all the way to the bottom of the map, then east towards Sanyogita. As the hints imply, cutting through the forest makes the scenario easier.

Note: There is a Gaia base to the northwest containing a Barracks, a Stable, and an Archery Range, as well as a Monk and four Imperial Camel Riders. If the player reaches that base, they will advance to the Castle Age. However, the path there has several obstacles so it is probably not worth the time.

Send units to the south corner, then northeast across a bridge to the Transport Ship. Send the entire army slightly north on the Transport Ship, then send them near the enemy gate to the northeast of map. Send Prithviraj along the edge of map, and into the secret entrance to steal his bride. Whilst doing this, send one unit slightly northwest to discover a Dock and build a Transport Ship. Before the enemy attacks Prithviraj, send in a unit to "pull" their attacks out of the gate. Sneak Prithviraj and his wife back out through the secret entrance, and to the new Dock. As soon as the Transport Ship is complete, send the newlyweds up the river. After discovering another set of Docks, drop them off on the northern bank at next clearing. Send Sanyogita to the Wonder to complete the scenario.

The bonus objective of finishing the scenario before timer hits 550 years will get a different ending phrase, but has no other effect otherwise. In order to hit this bonus objective, note that Prithviraj does not need to leave the starting area at all. Simply send the Monks and elephants through the south most-corner, and sneaking the princess out is enough to win the scenario.


Sanyogita was as headstrong as she was beautiful. With the infinite courage of a Rajput princess, she walked through the royal court carrying the ceremonial garland and ignoring the expectant gazes of her suitors. Coming to the door, she defiantly laid the garland around the neck of the clay statue of Prithviraj, declaring him her husband.

To her surprise, the young raja had braved the dangers of his rival's kingdom to slip into the ceremony. Emerging from behind the statue, Prithviraj embraced Sanyogita. The two rode to Ajmer as the furious Jayachandra vowed that his revenge would be felt to the ends of the earth.