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Haiti is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the French.


Home City Cards[]

  • Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Haiti Card Overview.png
Card Description
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Mexico Home City (Citizenship).png Citizenship Ships 6 Citizens (Settlers) and allows them to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin, and allows Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock
Barbary States Home City (3 Falconets).png 3 Falconets Ships 3 Falconets
Brazil Home City (Covered Wagons).png 2 Covered Wagon Ships 2 Covered Wagons; Town Center build limit +2
Haiti Home City (Carib Blowgunners).png 15 Carib Blowgunners Ships 15 Carib Blowgunners and upgrades them to Elite (if not already)
Haiti Home City (Privateers).png 3 Privateers Ships 3 Privateers
Haiti Home City (Letter of Marque).png Letter of Marque Pirates get +12 LOS, can use Volley Mode, and gather enemy crates; Privateers generate 0.5 coin/sec.; Pirates and Privateers get +3.0x damage multiplier against treasure guardians and can collect treasures with doubled resource and XP yield


Haiti is a Revolution exclusive to the French. Like most revolutions included in the Definitive Edition, picking it can be a finishing move, as their Revolutionaries have more hitpoints than normal and their Town Centers and Tavern spawn Pirates automatically for free. Their revolutionaries also have increased training bounty, but at the expense of costing a bit more and giving a bit higher experience bounty for an opponent when they kill them. Unlike other Revolutions, Haiti is focused on spamming Pirates and Privateers, which makes them a good option on naval maps or maps where fighting on both land and sea is important, as well as being a good option if the player previously focused on Tavern units (especially Pirates if they were available beforehand).

Pirates are greatly improved with the Haitian revolution, as it reduces their population cost, enables the player to muster the unit much more easily, and the shipment "Letter of the Mark" gives them some economic value, as this shipment enables them to collect from enemy crates and treasures (this last with increased yield). In that sense, picking Haiti can be a good choice if there are still some treasures on the map to take, especially if those treasures are the big ones.

Regarding the Privateers with Haiti, they can be trained at the Dock, and the Shipment "Letter of the Mark" enables them to generate a coin trickle, giving them some economic value, which is good thing, considering most revolutions constrain economy as they turn villagers into military units. Haitian Privateers are also able to train the same units as a Galleon, making this unit a multipurpose ship.

As Haiti has access to infinite "2 Covered Wagon" shipments and considering each Town Center spawns Pirates for free, a good strategy is to save some shipments before revolting and use them for getting extra Town Centers in order to make a swarm of Pirates.

Lastly, Haiti has access to infinite Carib Blowgunners shipments and infinite Falconet shipments, so it is also a good pick if the player previously took shipments that improve these units.

Recommended shipment cards[]

  • 1 Covered Wagon: Having an extra Town Center before revolting with Haiti helps to spam Pirates.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this shipment benefit Revolutionaries, Carib Blowgunners, Falconets and Pirates.
  • Gribeauval System: Falconet damage increased.
  • Native Warrior Combat and TEAM Improved Native Warriors: increases attack and hitpoints for native warriors, which applies to Carib Blowgunners.
  • Wilderness Warfare: Increases hitpoints for native warriors, which applies to Carib Blowgunners.
  • Blood Brothers: Native Warriors improved to Champion level, which applies to Carib Blowgunners.
  • Town Militia: Enables Town Centers to use Conscription, which can synergize with the infinite 2 Covered Wagons shipment.
  • Fencing School: Pirates and Revolutionaries count as infantry.
  • Advanced Dock: Since Privateers become available with Haiti, having better Docks is helpful, especially in naval encounters.
  • Distributivism, Colbertism, Factory and Robber Barons: Having a trickle of resources is helpful when revolting.
  • Improved Warships: Warship attack and hitpoints are increased, which applies to Privateers.
  • Privateer shipments.
  • Letter of Marque: Pirates get a ranged attack. This attack deals 15 damage, has 20 range and does x2.0 to Heavy Infantry, Light Cavalry and Eagle Runner Knights, and x0.75 to Cavalry and Coyote Runner.


  • The focus on Pirates and Privateers that Haiti has may be a reference to Tortuga Island, which was a hotspot for piracy between the years 1630 and 1680.
  • Privateers and Pirates that are trained by Haiti speak English. Privateers use unused "British Privateer" dialogue files, while Pirates reuse British Mortar's.
  • Haiti's flag is the flag of the Empire of Haiti (1804–1806).