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Habesha is a Commerce Age Alliance option in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals, available to the Ethiopians. Allying with Habesha to advance into the Commerce Age or higher allow Kingdom Builders to be trained at the Town Center and the following technologies to be researched at the Mountain Monastery:

Technology Cost Description
Ark of the Covenant.png Ark of the Covenant 2,000 influence Mountain Monasteries get +100% hit points and automatically generate resources even if not built on mines
Timkat.png Timkat 500 influence Mountain Monasteries increase the hit points of nearby units and buildings


Colonial age up.png 1 Camp Builder and 300 coin
Fortress age up.png 700 coin
Industrial age up.png 1,000 coin
Imperial age up.png 2,000 coin