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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in other games of the series, see Guard Tower.

The Guard Tower is a tower in Age of Mythology. It is an upgraded version of the Watch Tower, and hence the second upgrade of the Sentry Tower. The Egyptians can further upgrade their Guard Towers to Ballista Towers in the Mythic Age.

Guard Towers are available to all civilizations except for the Norse. They defend well, but siege weapons and groups of soldiers will destroy them with ease, so it is not recommended to rely solely on towers for defense.

Damage bonus[]

  • Flying units: ×3.0
  • Ships: ×6.0


The Egyptians can upgrade their Guard Towers to Ballista Towers in the Mythic Age. The upgrade costs 800 wood and 500 food and takes 40 seconds to research.

The upgrade increases the towers' hit points by 300 and also increases the attack by 50%.


  • Since this upgrade is unavailable to the Norse, their Guard Towers will adapt the Egyptian architectural style if the upgrade is granted to them under special circumstances. This is shown if the campaign scenario Odin's Tower is played on Titan difficulty.


Improved towers or other fortifications might be placed at vital points like river crossings or mountain passes where enemies would be forced to pass. The garrison of the guard tower was expected to fight and defend the fortification until help could arrive, as well as warn commanders of encroachments. Because such a fortification was usually placed at a vital position, an enemy could not afford to pass it by, leaving their retreat path blocked.