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Growing Pains is the second scenario of the Reign of the Hittites campaign in the Age of Empires demo. The Hittites must recover a Ruin from the Hittite Rebellion.

Scenario instructions[]


1740 BC

The Hittite civilization has increased in size and has begun to develop a central government with you as their supreme leader. For the most part, this process has been peaceful, but a small rebel faction in the northeast territory opposes your rule. These rebels have overtaken a Ruin sacred to your people and refuse to return it. If you cannot remove them from this place, your subjects will lose faith in your leadership and the fledgling Hittite Empire will collapse.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Lead a war party to the northeast to capture the Ruin currently held by rebels.


  • Remember that all you must do is gain control of the Ruin -- fight when necessary, but avoid taking too much damage. Keep this in mind especially when you come upon enemy towers.
  • Keep your units together so you can take out the enemy one unit at a time when possible.
  • Use the Scout's superior range of sight to spot the enemy without being seen.
  • When you attack, try to put the Axemen between any enemy and your Bowmen -- this allows the weaker Bowmen to attack the enemy without taking damage themselves.
  • Bowmen firing down at the enemy from cliffs or elevation cause extra damage.
  • If possible, concentrate your fire on one enemy to kill him quickly.



  • Hatti (Hittites AoE Hittites): The Player starts with a Tool Age army at the south-western edge of the map.


  • Hatti Rebellion (Hittites AoE Hittites): The Hittite Rebellion starts with a Tool Age Army, some Houses and three Watch Towers. Some troops are scattered around the map while the main force (together with the towers) guards the ruins.


You start off with an army of Bowmen and Axemen, and a Scout. The enemy has soldiers scattered all over the map, and some Watch Towers protecting the Ruin to the north.

Head east. Avoid fighting if you can - the more soldiers you have for the final attack, the better. When you reach the edge, head north. The Ruin is protected by several towers, but destroying them will cost you too many troops, so just run past them. Kill every soldier surrounding the Ruin until it's yours.


Historical notes[]

The Hittites may have been more warlike than the people among whom they settled, or just a larger group. Around 1900 BC the invaders conquered the local Hatti tribe, from which the name Hittite was derived. The Hatti capital at Hattussas eventually became the Hittite capital. The Hittites continued to expand their influence in Asia Minor through both war and diplomacy. They were considered very able diplomats and proved adept at controlling vassal states without needing to continually resort to excessive force.
—In-game section

Historical outcome[]

Most of Asia Minor was consolidated under a central Hittite kingdom around 1740 BC. The new Hittite kingdom was handicapped, however, because it had no clear provision for succession to the kingship. The empire went through several spasms of disorder and reunification because the death of a king set off a struggle for the crown within the ruling class. During these periods of disorder, outlying states broke away from central control and had to be reconquered just to get back to where the situation started.
—In-game section
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