This article is about the large Treasure Guardian in Age of Empires III. For other Bears in different games of the series, see Bear.
The Grizzly Bear is a large carnivore Treasure Guardian featured in Age of Empires III. They have a size of about 8 feet, and are found in many North American maps along with its smaller cousin the Black Bear.

Grizzly Bears are one of the strongest Treasure Guardians, second in the original game only to the Polar Bear, and with The Asian Dynasties expansion installed, the Rhinoceros.

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"Scientific Name: Ursus arctos subsp. horribilis
Approx. Size: 500 lb. (female); 900 lb. (male)
Diet: Roots, fungi, fish, insects, large and small mammals

A subspecies of the largest species of bear, the brown bear, grizzlies get their name from the white tips of their fur that give them a rough, weathered appearance. The hump of muscle, visible in profile, between the grizzly's shoulders is massive, giving incredible strength to their forequarters and allowing them to dig and strike powerfully. Their claws are three to four inches long and not many mammals can withstand the powerful strike of a grizzly bear. They spend the better part of the fall season fattening up for the lean winter months when they become sluggish if not actually hibernating. Grizzlies find or excavate dens for the winter, usually just large enough for themselves, with an entry that will let air circulate.\n \nGrizzly bears once ranged throughout North America west of the Mississippi and as far south as Mexico. Today they live in rugged, remote mountains and forest wilderness areas..

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