The only daughter of Chieftain Forkbeard. She has a great personality.
—Rollover text

Greta Forkbeard is the daughter of Chieftain Forkbeard, and is featured only in the Union scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign Age of Mythology. She must be rescued by destroying a Guard Tower in the southern region of the map.

She has only 20% armor against all attacks, including crush, making her very vulnerable to siege attacks and cannot fight back.


  • Greta Forkbeard makes a second appearance in the scenario Respect in Age of Empires III as Greta,the distressed daughter of the Lakota Chief, still having her winning personality.
  • She looks identical to a female Gatherer with red hair, even though she has blonde hair on her icon.
  • According to her detailed help section, she is countered with "Hair Products" and can be upgraded at "Any Salon".
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