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Civilization Technology tree Strategy

The Greeks are primarily an offensive civilization and are best if played from Bronze Age onward since their bonuses have little to no effect if played in short games. Despite their wide selection of elite units, they can be problematic to play since they lack advanced archer support and cannot train elite cavalry to support their infantry. The Greeks make up for this by having access to all siege weapons, ships, and elite infantry trained from the Academy. Their early-game weakness is more than made up for with most technologies and Centurions, Heavy Catapults and Helepolises available for their armies to slowly wade through the enemy ranks with.

When played by the AI on random map settings, the Greeks will generally train Axemen and Slingers or Bowmen in the Tool Age. After advancing to the Bronze Age, they will then utilise the Hoplite line, plus siege weapons and a few Priests. The computer may also choose to use the Cavalry line instead as a secondary strategy. Their military composition on deathmatch mode is quite similar to the above, consisting primarily of Centurions and Heavy Catapults supported by Priests.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]

  • Best if played in deathmatches.
  • Can train elite units with many hit points.
  • Excellent if played offensively.
  • Effective on both land and sea maps.
  • Have fully upgradeable walls, towers, navy and siege weapons.
  • No advanced archery support.
  • Cannot train elite cavalry.
  • Not as effective if played defensively.
  • Cannot fully upgrade their Priests.