Great Flood is a Chinese Mythic Age god power in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon that is available to worshipers of Ao Kuang. When cast, it creates a fast moving deluge that sweeps away buildings and units, dealing damage during contact.

Strategy Edit

Prior to invoking Great Flood, a player can decide in what direction they wish to have the flood travel. It is advisable to direct it away from their own base, since it affects the caster's units and buildings as well. Upon initial impact, the flood deals five times as much crush damage as it deals hack damage, meaning it is extremely effective against buildings. As it begins to move, it deals more damage to units. The best way for units to protect themselves from the flood is to garrison inside buildings.

Great Flood is most effective on maps such as Megalopolis where allies are close to one another. With careful planning, it can cause enough damage to two or more enemy bases at once. As the flood can travel across the map over a relatively long distance, it can be cast outside the shield effect range of an Isis player's Monuments and eventually make its way to the core of their town. Although Great Flood can damage several buildings and units along its path, it does not deal as much damage as other "disaster" Mythic Age god powers. It will nonetheless make it easier for the user's army to finish off whatever remains standing. Great Flood will end not only if the 20 second timer runs out, but also if the flood reaches the edge of the map. It is advised to cast away from the map's edge, as otherwise, the god power will end instantly.

Changelog Edit

Tale of the Dragon Edit

  • Originally, Great Flood dealt a maximum of 8,000 damage to buildings and dealt 2.5 hack damage per second. With patch 2.8, it deals a maximum of 4,000 damage to buildings and deals 1.5 hack damage per second, as well as picking up all units it hits.

Trivia Edit

  • There are three versions of this god power in the game, the one used by Ao Kuang is called "Tsunami" in the Scenario Editor, the other two are "flood" and "flood weak", which function more like Earthquake, but with a water effect added.
  • The icon for Great Flood is taken from part of Poseidon's full portrait artwork.

History Edit

"Ao Kuang, Dragon Lord of the Eastern Sea was once notorious for his temper, and the Fengshen Yanyi tells stories of the disasters he caused to inspire fear in his subjects. If he was slighted by any of the villages and cities within reach of the coast, or if they refused to submit to his rule, he would not hesitate to send a great flood to wipe them off the face of the earth. The fear he inspired was so great that no one ever complained to Huangdi about his actions, lest the great dragon take vengeance.

It was only after the death of his son Ao Bixi and his own defeat at the hands of Nezha that Ao Kuang adopted a more aloof lifestyle, even though he won against Nezha in the end by forcing the god to sacrifice himself for his family. He now uses his powers more judiciously, lest another being of such power take him by surprise.

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