Gran Colombia is one of the revolutionary nations in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, available to the Germans, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Home City Cards[edit | edit source]

Purple: Shipment that can be sent an INFINITE number of times
Card Description
Gran Colombia Home City (Gatling Guns).png 4 Gatling Guns Ships 4 Gatling Guns
Gran Colombia Home City (Ironclads).png 2 Ironclads Ships 2 Ironclads
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon).png 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon; Fort build limit +1
Gran Colombia Home City (Albion Mercenary Legion).png Albion Mercenary Legion Ships 2 Highlanders, 2 Jaegers, and 3 Harquebusiers
Mexico Home City (Cattle Drivers).png Cattle Drivers Ships 8 semi-fattened Cows, 1 Llanero, and 1 Homestead Wagon; Cow train limit +8
Gran Colombia Home City (Llaneros).png Llaneros Ships 10 Cows and Llaneros; Cow train limit +10; Llaneros can be trained at Stable, Fort, Galleon, and Saloon, costs food instead of coin, uses 1 population, and can build Livestock Pens, train Cows, and gather from livestock
Gran Colombia Home City (National Hero).png National Hero Ships Simón Bolívar
Mexico Home City (Citizenship).png Citizenship Ships 6 Citizens (Settlers) and allows them to be trained at the Town Center for 70 coin, and allows Fishing Boats to be trained at the Dock

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Picking Gran Colombia can be a finishing move, like most other Revolutions in the Definitive Edition. In the case of Gran Colombia, it is preferable to pick them if playing naval maps or maps where fighting on land and sea is important, as Gran Colombia ships 2 Ironclads when revolting.

Like Peru, Gran Colombia can access the Simon Bolivar hero unit, but in this case, through a shipment card, Simon Bolivar is able to train Independence Guards, receive shipments, has an aura that increases hitpoints of surrounding units and has the "Eye of the Assasin" and "Heavy Strike" abilities. Their Settlers become Independence Guards, which are a bulkier and slower variant of the Musketeer. In addition, all currently created Musketeers become Independence Guards. Considering the bulkiness of Independence Guards and the aura Simon Bolivar provides, escorting this Hero unit with Independence Guards at all times is a good tactic.

Gran Colombia also has access to the Llanero, which are another iteration of the Comanchero with the ability of gathering food from herdables (like Morochucos, Vaqueros, Gauchos and Cowboys). They have Mercenary shipments, so if the player previously focused on improving their mercenary lines, picking Gran Colombia is also a good option for revolting.

Recommended shipment cards[edit | edit source]

For Spanish, Germans and Portuguese
  • 1 Covered Wagon: Independence Guards can be created at Town Centers, so having an additional one helps to muster them.
  • Fencing School: Improves the creation speed of Independence Guards.
  • Riding School: This can facilitate the further creation of Llaneros once the Llaneros shipment has been sent.
  • Advanced Arsenal: Improvements allowed by this shipment benefit land units Gran Colombia provides.
  • Stockyards: Llaneros can gather food from herdables, and this shipment helps to fatten those faster.
  • Ranching (for Germans) and Llama Ranching (Spanish and Portuguese): Having extra fattened herdable animals beforehands is helpful, since Llaneros can gather them, so economy may not be too constricted when revolting.
  • Landgrab: Makes Livestock Pens cheaper, which synergizes with the Llanero ability of gathering from herdable animals.
  • Industrial Revolution (Spanish and Germans), Robber Barons (Portuguese) and Factory: Since the economy stops momentarily when revolting (as long as the player has not shipped Citizenship), having a trickle of resources is helpful.
  • Advanced Dock: This enables Docks to heal ships faster, and this is a good thing, considering how bulky Ironclads are.
  • Improved Warships: Increases the hitpoints of all Warships, including Ironclads.
  • Stockyards (Germans and Spanish): Fattening herdables faster is helpful, as Llaneros can gather food from them.
  • Musketeer shipment cards: Musketeers turn into Independence Guards, so having at least a handful of Musketeers before revolting is helpful.
For Spanish
  • Unction: Missionaries increase the attack of nearby units; this of course can boost the Attack of Llaneros, Harquebusiers, Jaegers, Highlanders and Independence Guards.
  • Royal Decree to Claim the New World: The Corselet technology provided from this shipments applies to Idependece Guards and Highlanders, making Independence Guards even more bulky than they already, are but at the expense of making them even slower.
  • Capitalism: Gives a coin trickle that is still active after revolting, so it can help to sustain the economy while revolting.
  • Armada: Increases the hitpoints of Warships, and considering the bulkiness of Ironclads, this synergizes well.
For Germans
  • TEAM Cavalry Attack: This benefits Llaneros.
  • Spanish Riding School: Llaneros count as cavalry, so they will move a bit faster.
  • Treaty of Westphallia: The technology Tilly's Discipline makes all infantry move faster at the expense of costing more, and this applies to the Independence Guards, Jaegers, Highlanders and Musketeers (which they get access to through Gran Colombia).
For Portuguese
  • Bandeirantes: With this shipment and National Hero shipment, the player will have more heroes than anyone else.
  • TEAM Gunpowder Infantry Hitpoints: Independence Guards, Highlanders and Jaegers are considered gunpowder infantry.
  • 2 Covered Wagons and Donatarios: These shipments increase the Town center limit as well as providing Covered Wagons to create them, and this synergizes in the sense that Independence Guards can be produced there.
  • Musketeer shipments

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the early versions of the beta, the Gran Colombian flag did not feature the coat of arms of Gran Colombia imposed over it.
  • Gran Colombia's availability to Germany is a reference to the Klein-Venedig.
  • Gran Colombia's availability to the Portuguese might reference the Iberian Union (which existed and controlled, during the time period the game is set in, the territories that would later become part of Gran Colombia).
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