The Golem is a Greek myth unit that was cut from Age of Mythology before the end of 2001, but was later added with the Tale of the Dragon expansion.

Although they were added with Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, the Golem is hidden, to re-enable the Golem for Scenario Editor usage, one must look for and remove the <flag>NotPlayerPlaceable</flag> under its definition in the Proto XML file.

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According to Greg Street, the lead designer for Age of Mythology who responded to a thread about the Golem (called Stone Giant in the Thread) in the Age of Mythology Heaven forums:[1]

"That guy is gone. We didn't really like him. The niche was filled by a similar unit."
Greg Street, Lead Designer

That unit that replaced the golem would eventually be revealed to be the Colossus.

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  • The Proto code for the original Golem was adapted to create the Colossus.
  • A common misconception is that the Golem was a Norse Rock Giant, however its model names using 'G' (referring to Greek) and appearances in Greek-related pre-release screenshots reveals it was Greek.
    • In addition to this, it was also claimed the Golem was turned into the Frost Giant despite the Frost Giant already existing before the Golem was removed.
  • The technology Granite Blood was originally created for the Golem. After it was removed, it was given to the giants.
  • The new Golem has the same stats as the Minotaur albeit with decreased speed.

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