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The Golden Lion is a unit in Age of Mythology that is exclusively obtainable by placing the A Pair of Golden Lions relic in a Temple. One Golden Lion is stronger than a Relic Monkey but they only come in pairs while the Monkeys form a trio. When both lions are killed, they will both re-spawn from the Temple shortly after.


Golden Lions are more valuable in the Archaic Age or Classical Age before players have access to stronger units. To make the most of them, it is best to build the Temple as quickly as possible and have the first available hero grab the A Pair of Golden Lions relic. Their primary purpose is scouting thanks to their decent speed and LOS. This is especially useful for the Norse who in turn are able to free their Ulfsark from the burden of scouting so that it can begin constructing other buildings. Egyptian players will also enjoy not having to constantly build Obelisks, though this is not as much the case for Set who already provides Animals of Set for scouting. If scouting is not a concern to the player, their hero should focus on grabbing more valuable Relics.

Another use for the Golden Lions is harassing enemies. In the Archaic Age, many units, such as Priests and Ulfsarks, have their stats reduced drastically. The Lions can seek out these units and interrupt their work by attacking them, delaying the enemy's progress. Other targets can include Egyptian Obelisks and Atlantean Oracles, whose line of sight will reset when attacked. They can also raid worker units hunting too far from the safety of their Town Center. Against anything that can fight back however, the Lions are not as effective as their low defenses mean that they will quickly die from an attack. As the player gains the ability to train stronger units, their purpose is reduced to act as bait from attacks, such as Towers, increasing the longevity of other units. In online battles, they can serve as decoys. When attacking an enemy building in one area of the map, the opponent may get distracted for a few seconds by the distress signal. The player may use these valuable seconds of inattention to raid a mining operation, ultimately crippling the enemy economy by the time they realized what happened.


  • The Golden Lion's icon and model are identical to that of a regular Lion.