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God's Own Sling is a hero Trebuchet found in the The Lion and the Demon scenario, the Definitive Edition version of the Cyprus scenario, and also in the Scenario Editor in Age of Empires II. It is based on "God's Stone Thrower", a counterweight trebuchet used in the 1189-1191 Siege of Acre during the Third Crusade.

God's Own Sling has some peculiarities compared to other trebuchets. When unpacked, it behaves like other heroes, it cannot be converted and regenerates itself. Still, even unpacked, its armor remains 2/8 unlike regular Trebuchets, which have 1/150 in the unpacked form. Unpacked, God's Own Sling has 300 HP. Packed, however, the hit points drop to 150 (the actual number is halved, so if e.g. God's Own Sling with 233 HP packs itself, it has 116 HP in the packed form) and all hero qualities are lost, it does not regenerate anymore and can be converted. Furthermore, the packed God's Own Sling has a melee attack of 1 which it can never use, as it instantly starts unpacking when ordered to attack. Both versions can be repaired by Villagers.


  • Though owned by English King Richard the Lionheart in The Lion and the Demon, its basis was owned by King Philip II Augustus of France in reality.
  • During the siege, a priest took a special liking to God's Stone Thrower and remained by its side, blessing it with holy water and encouraging people to find new projectiles and help repairing it when needed.
  • The range of 20 (shared with its companion Bad Neighbor) is unparalleled in the game.