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Light and health to the people of Egypt: Ra brings you joy and prosperity.
—Ra upon casting Glorious Rain

Glorious Rain is an Egyptian god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies that is available to worshipers of Ra. When cast, it increases the player's food income while simultaneously decreasing the opponent's food income and movement of their units.


Glorious Rain is similar to the Age of Mythology god power Rain, but arguably deadlier. It increases the player's food income by 50%, which can be used early in the game for a quicker advancement to Age II. Doing so will also slow down the enemy player's advancement in the early game as Glorious Rain actually decreases their food income by 50%. This also lasts for 4 turns, which will leave a significant dent in their economy as they will struggle to train units and purchase researches. The player can take advantage of this by rushing the enemy town with their own units made more affordable.

Other players may prefer to maximize the effects of Glorious Rain by first building several Mills and Farms. When used later in the game, this will generate a much higher food income which can be solely invested into unit production. Attacking during the rain also provides the player with an advantage as the movement of enemy units will be reduced by 2. This reduction in mobility will make it more difficult for enemy units to retreat or reach specific units to fight.


  • Unlike its Age of Mythology counterpart, Glorious Rain does not prevent other god powers from being cast while it is in effect.