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Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807 - 1882) is the AI personality of the Italians in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition. He was renown both as a fighter in Italy for national unification as well as his military adventurism abroad in South America as a mercenary.



More than any other leader, the difficulty of dealing with Garibaldi's Italians is dependent on the difficulty of the AI and the handicap he is given. This is because the Italians start with many food crates but few Settlers. On low difficulties and without a handicap, the yield penalties imposed by the lower difficulty will significantly reduce the amount of food Garibaldi receives from the crates, making his start much weaker. Higher difficulties and handicaps reverse this, making it possible for Garibaldi to age up very quickly and allowing him to research many Market improvements that will further speed up his boom.


Garibaldi as an Ally[]

  • Starting a game (decreased difficulty) - "There is no shame in choosing a lower difficulty, but do not expect remorse from me now."
  • Starting a game after carrying Garibaldi's team previously - "To this wonderful page in our country’s history, another more glorious still will be added, with your valuable help."
  • Starting a game after fighting against him previously - "Did I leave such a memorable impression on you that I have been chosen as your ally this time?"
  • Player collects first treasure - "Already living off the land are you? Great to see you adapt so quickly to these circumstances."
  • Player collects a coin-related treasure - "I wonder who left their purse behind."
  • Player collects a wood-related treasure - "Extraordinary to find so many planks in the wild."
  • Player collects a rescue-related treasure - "He who finds a friend, finds a treasure."
  • Garibaldi collects a treasure near the player's base - "I hope you did not need that treasure. Eventually it is a team effort, right?"
  • Garibaldi collects multiple treasures - "Exquisite treasures in this region! I want to bring a few of them to my island home on Caprera."
  • Player is first to Commerce Age - "A splendid feat, now take the battle to our enemies as soon as you can!"
  • Player rushes through Ages - "Mamma mia! You race through the ages like a red Roman chariot!"
  • Requesting coin - "I saw the bottom of my war chest today, I need Coin urgently!"
  • Receives coin - "My war chest is overflowing now! Let us bring down some monarchies!"
  • Declining resource request - "I only have a sabre and a carbine, which I carry on the front of my saddle."
  • Garibaldi collects a food-related treasure - "Ahh! Some cheese, some olive oil and tartufo. A firework for the senses!"
  • Player collects a treasure - "We should leave nothing behind for the enemy, take all that you can!"
  • Agreeing to defend - "If you ever should be so circumstanced as to require the help of an ally, cursed be the Italian who would not step forward with me in defence."
  • Agreeing to strategy - "United we stand!"
  • Declining attack - "My men are still weary from their last adventure." or "Recruitment for my next expedition has not completed."
  • Constructing a Town Center - "The more Italian city states, the better!"
  • Constructing a fort - "I am not afraid to get right up to my enemies and build in their front garden."
  • Initiating Trade Monopoly - "Let us beat these greedy capitalists at their own game!"
  • Trade Monopoly imminent - "Now we only need to cling to our empire of commerce like the Medicis!"

Garibaldi as an Enemy[]

  • Player collects a treasure - "You gather treasures, I gather people looking for freedom." or "Your indiscriminate looting of the countryside will turn the populace against you - to my advantage!"
  • Player collects a wood-related treasure - "That wood will not be sufficient to build a chair to fit your rich, royal … body."
  • Player collects multiple treasures - "Looting your treasuries seems more and more lucrative. Keep going!"
  • Player is first to Commerce Age - "Keep repeating the same strategies and you will need to get patched up! Because after I perfectly countered your plan, you will need one for your bruises."
  • Player ages faster than Garibaldi - "You think your fighters can handle such advanced weaponry without blowing themselves to pieces? Better hand it over to me now before anyone gets hurt."
  • Player ages slower than Garibaldi - "Welcome to the age of your destruction!"
  • Player builds Trading Post (native) - "I will make acquaintances with the locals soon; they will not fight on the wrong side for long."
  • Builds Trading Post on native site - "Natives of this country, and therefore perfectly acquainted with every place, chose the most thorny spots for their ambushes."
  • Builds Trading Post on trade route - "First of many! Even the Medici had their humble beginnings."
  • Discovers player's Town Center - "Your people must be unhappy with your rule, working for a town in such disarray."
  • Small force enters enemy territory - "Are these your emissaries? - or did I already buy off all the mercenaries that were available? Curious."
  • Major battle - "This battle will not even be my magnum opus - let me direct this opera anyway."
  • Trade Monopoly victory imminent - "If this is the end, I am pleased that we could at least settle our disputes in a civilized manner."
  • Defeat - "Today I am obliged to retire, but for a few days only. Do you accept?" or "He who dies for his country has lived long enough. Let us end this?"


Giuseppe Garibaldi is an impassioned and daring leader. In battle, his stubborn defense against all odds can prove both tenacious and effective, while his subsequent counterattacks will be swift as they are decisive. Knowing the advantages modern technology can bring, he will invest his nations resources towards a plethora of economic and military upgrades.


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