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This article is about the technology in Age of Empires III. For the similar technology in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten, see Gillnets.

Boats gather Food from Fish and Coin from Whales faster.
—In-game description

Gill Nets is a technology in Age of Empires III that can be researched at the Dock. Once researched, it increases the gather rate of Fishing Boats, Caravels/Galleys/War Junks/Fune, Canoes, War Canoes, Tlaloc Canoes, and Marathan Catamarans by 15%. Long Lines is the further upgrade of this technology.

Note: All canoes and the Marathan Catamaran have a base gather rate 2.5x slower than other vessels. See Food and Coin for exact totals.
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