This article is about the huntable in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. For the unit in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, see War Salamander.
"A large amphibian."
In-game description
The Giant Salamander is a large amphibian, and one of the rarest huntables in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It appears only in the Honshu map, living in a few numbers on the island containing a Trade Route, and nowhere else. It has 20 hit points and holds 500 food, the same as the largest huntables, such as the Musk Ox, Bison, Moose, and Tapir.

History Edit

"Scientific Name: Andrias davidianus
Approx. Size: Up to 6 ft. long
Diet: Crustaceans, fish

The Chinese giant salamander is the largest salamander in the world, and is located in the watery regions of southwest China. The salamander is fully aquatic, and since it lacks gills, it depends on respiration through the skin, which is porous and wrinkly. The coloring of the salamander is usually blotchy with patches of brown, green, or black. Unlike the Japanese giant salamander, the Chinese species has a pointier snout and a long tail, but the two have the elongated body and four short legs in common. The Chinese giant salamander has tiny eyes with no eyelids. Due to its poor eyesight, the salamander uses nodes on the top of its head to detect changes in the water and locate its prey.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chinese giant salamander is not endemic to the Japanese islands, but it has been introduced to southwestern Japan, where it interbreeds with the Japanese giant salamander, a closely related species.

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