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Warn icon yellow This page contains spoilers to the plots of Age of Mythology.

The giant ram that Gargarensis uses to bash open the Tartarus Gate.

The Giant Gate Ram is a massive siege weapon used by Gargarensis to break down the Hades Gate. These are two separate units, which are nearly identical except for their crush attack values. Two of them appear in the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.


The ram consists of a massive log with a splitting wedge pointing forward that is suspended by ropes in a triangular wooden frame. Surrounding the ram on three sides are tall metallic plates that protect the Elder Cyclopes operating the ram from attacks. Gargarensis arranged for this type of weapon to break open the adamantine doors behind which is Tartarus where a trapped Kronos will grant him immortality if he is released. Due to their lack of wheels, the Giant Gate Ram is immobile and likely needs to be assembled in the Underworld directly in front of the Hades Gate.

When destroyed, the frame collapses onto the Elder Cyclopes, killing them both.


The Giant Gate Ram first appears in Revelation where Gargarensis uses one to break open a Hades Gate in Greece. Although Arkantos was not aware of Gargarensis' intentions at the time, he concluded that if their foe wanted the gate open, it would be best if they kept it closed. Therefore, the purpose of the scenario revolves entirely in destroying the Giant Gate Ram, a difficult task considering how sturdy and heavily defended it was. Even so, the heroes succeed in destroying the Giant Gate Ram, preventing Gargarensis from releasing Kronos.

Another Giant Gate Ram is not assembled until Beneath the Surface after Gargarensis has used the Well of Urd to enter Niflheim. Once more, the heroes must race against the clock as the Cyclopes makes a second attempt to break open another Hades Gate. This time however, the ram is far more heavily defended and Arkantos orders a retreat as several Fire Giants suddenly appear. The same ram reappears in Unlikely Heroes where it continues striking the gates although this time, Arkantos resorts to assist the dwarf brothers, Brokk and Eitri, assemble a new hammer for Thor rather than trying to attack the ram again. After damaging the gate enough, the Elder Cyclopes appear to have disassembled the ram in order for Kronos to be able to open the doors and exit Tartarus. Despite the success of this ram, Thor's hammer manages to seal the gate again, which generates an explosion that presumably destroys the Cyclopes and the remnants of the ram who were still in close proximity of it.


Due to the large size of the log, it can only strike the gate about once every seven seconds but each blow causes massive damage to buildings within range. Due to its massive HP, Pierce armor, and it being considered a building, arrows have little effect on it. Its hack armor is slightly lower so the best way to take it out is by constantly attacking it with melee attacks or, better yet, ballistae. Due to its massive size, it can be damaged from several angles.


The Adamantine Gates to Tartarus cannot be opened by any god. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades made this part of the construction so that the tremendous power of the Titans -- elder gods held within -- could not breach them. Neither can the ruling gods open them. It is unthinkable that the gates could be opened and the terrors behind them unleashed, and equally unthinkable that anyone would want them opened.


  • Originally, the Giant Gate Ram was intended to not to have armor cladding, being solely composed of the Ram, its structure, and Cyclopes using it.
  • The Cyclopes that man the Ram are Elder Cyclopes, who are sons of Kronos. This is odd, considering they were allies of the Olympian gods during the Titanomachy.


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