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George Washington (1732 – 1799) was the first president of the United States and appears as a playable hero in Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs, and a revolutionary leader in the The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties, and an AI personality for the United States in the Definitive Edition.


George Washington was born in Virginia in 1732 to wealthy, land-owning parents. He served in the First Virginia Regiment (part of the British military) as a lieutenant colonel. While trying to drive the French out of Ohio Country, Washington set off a series of events that eventually ignited the Seven Years' War, also known as the French and Indian War. In 1759 he left the military, married, and settled back in Virginia with his wife and family. In later years Washington would go on to have a significant role in the founding of the United States of America.

Washington is first featured in Act II: Ice as a then-British colonel during the French and Indian War. Washington and his men fought for General Warwick until they consider their British General a traitor because he is working with The Circle. So Washington and his men deflected to John Black and help him defeat Warwick with supplies of soldiers.

The only U.S. President elected unanimously, George Washington stands tall in history as one of America’s greatest leaders. A Virginian landowner and farmer, General Washington understood well both the sword and the plowshare.

As a general, Washington was greatly admired by those who served under him. Never one to remain on the sidelines, he led the charge into action time and time again. During the French and Indian War, Washington survived many battles, even having a horse shot out from under him on two occasions.

As commander in chief of the Continental army, Washington faced the great challenge of maintaining his troops’ morale during the bitter winter at Valley Forge.

Washington is featured again in Act I: Fire, now a general and the commander-in-chief of the U.S. Continental Army in the American Revolution. Washington also meets Nathaniel Black after the Battle of Bunker Hill, who aids him and his men in conflicts such as the Battle of Trenton and the struggle in Valley Forge. Later, Washington becomes the political leader of the newly formed United States as its first president.


Washington appears as Colonel Washington in Act II: Ice and as General Washington in Act I: Fire. He also appears as an antagonist in the Fort Duquesne scenario of the Historical Battles in the Definitive Edition.

In-game unit[]

British officer from Virginia. Great things await him.
—Colonel Washington in-game description
American general in charge of the colonial army.
—General Washington in-game description

Washington fights with his officer's saber, both as a colonel and a general. As a general in Act I: Fire, he can receive Home City shipments.

Like other heroes, Washington has many hit points, but if he falls, he will collapse instead of dying and needs to regenerate enough hit points to be rescued by allies. He can collect treasures, but unlike Explorers, cannot build Trading Posts and Town Centers, and has no special abilities.

Revolutionary leader[]

Revolution politician washington.png

In The WarChiefs, Washington also appears as the revolutionary leader of the United States, which is available for British and Dutch. Choosing him to revolt increases the hit points of Gatling Guns by 25%.

AI personality[]

In the Definitive Edition, Washington appears as the AI personality for the United States civilization. He is quite philosophical and will often use elaborate language when sending messages to the player.

In terms of military, Washington often struggles due to a very low numbers. Therefore, he will generally lose in a 1v1 situation unless he rushes his opponent in the Commerce Age before they've had time to build up a superior force. Washington's army is typically comprised of State Militia, Regulars, and Sharpshooters. In later ages, he will add a few supporting units such as Carbine Cavalry, Cowboys, Gatling Guns, and/or Mortars.


As an ally[]

  • Beginning of game - "I, this day, declare with the utmost sincerity, I do not think myself equal to the presence I am honored with."
  • Building Fort - "I will increase my military production. The enemy will be overwhelmed by our masses."
  • Trade Monopoly victory imminent - "Parade with me, my brave fellows — we will have them soon!"

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning of game - "The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty is entrusted to the hands of the American people. Are you American?" or "I will not be going easy on you this time."
  • Beginning of game, player has (more?) allies - "Do you need all of these allies to fight against my United States?"
  • Player repeats same map from last time - "Let us see who wins when we are more familiar with the land."
  • Player is first to Commerce Age - "I have decided to delay my advancement to give you a chance."
  • Player claims a food-related treasure - "Were you starving so badly that you started eating from the floor?"
  • Player claims a coin-related treasure - "Why are you in such a gold rush? It is just a bad California dream."
  • Player rescues a settler treasure - "I think that those settlers will regret their choice soon enough."
  • Player claims more treasures than Washington - "Will you keep roaming the country forever or eventually start a real business?" or "I have no use for such puny treasures." or "What are you? Some kind of bounty hunter? I shall put this into the Marshal's matters."
  • Washington claims a treasure - "A small prize for a man, but a huge fortune for mankind."
  • Washington claims a food-related treasure - "That is what I call fast food."
  • Washington claims a coin-related treasure - "I heard that finding a penny brings luck. This is a good omen."
  • Washington claims a wood-related treasure - "I think that I found about half of a redwood tree, and will put it to good use."
  • Washington collects more treasures than player - "I have found so many treasures. I will exhibit this notoriously big collection in the White House."
  • Player collects nearby treasure - "I will not accept such thievery!"
  • Player advances faster in Age than Washington - "You might have the technology, but I have the army."
  • Player advances slower in Age than Washington - "I am impressed. Will you learn to read next?"
  • Player builds Trading Post (trade route) - "This trading post will not enable you to rise from rags to riches, but you can wipe the place clean and get out of there."
  • Spots player's Explorer - "Welcome to the land of the free. Your explorer is also free to leave."
  • Discovers player's Town Center - "Is that your state? It seems too small and irrelevant to join the Unites States of America."
  • Small force enters enemy territory - "Your militia does not stand a chance against mine. I am not impressed." or "What are you doing here? Providing target practice for my men?"
  • Large force enters enemy territory - "All you have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."
  • Player starts Trade Monopoly - "You think that you can defeat us when it comes to trade? I doubt that."
  • Players Trade Monopoly victory imminent - "It looks like it is time to enact my secret master plan."
  • Surrender - "The unfortunate condition of the persons, whose labour in part I employed, has been the only unavoidable subject of regret." or "It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one."


  • George Washington (as a colonel) is the only protagonist character who cannot be controlled by the player. He is also the first and only character who appeared in another game as an ally before the game where he appears as protagonist.
  • A cheat unit, George Crushington, is also featured and has the same audio as Washington, albeit modulated to match his imposing stature.
  • George Washington, along with Tokugawa Ieyasu, are the only heroes of the campaign that also appear as AI personalities.
  • The General unit released with the United States civilization in the Definitive Edition is based on the General Washington model but also carries a pistol (for standard attacks) and a carbine rifle (for special attacks) besides his officer's saber.


George Washington (1732-1799), the first President of the United States and the only one elected unanimously, stands tall in history as one of America’s greatest leaders. A Virginian gentleman and farmer, General Washington understood well both the sword and the plowshare. Although a common legend regarding his felling of a cherry tree is likely mere myth, Washington’s father did assure that his son received a fine education, which he leveraged into being a successful and utilitarian landowner.

In the early 1750s, Washington entered British military service as the commander of a local militia. In the years leading up to the outbreak of the Seven Years’ War, he was instrumental in the strengthening of the British position due to effective diplomacy with Haudenosaunee chiefs, swift action, and efficient leadership. Washington was greatly admired by those who served under him, and was soon promoted to general. Never one to remain on the sidelines, he led the charge into action time and time again. During the Seven Years’ War, Washington survived many battles, even having a horse shot out from under him on two occasions.

Washington was an active part of the dissent that culminated in the American Revolution in the 1770s. When the Continental Congress appointed him commander in chief of the Continental Army, Washington faced the great challenge of maintaining the morale and discipline of an irregular army that was outclassed by its British adversaries on most parameters. Famously, he led a surprise attack across the Delaware River against a Hessian garrison in Trenton, winning a key victory. When his army was struggling during the bitter winter at Valley Forge, Washington, along with the French Marquis de La Fayette and the Prussian Baron von Steuben, led it through adversity and emerged with a hardened force. Washington was also known for accepting large numbers of African-Americans into his army at a time when it was deemed highly irregular.

Washington was known as a modest, unambitious man who readily deferred to peers with more expertise. Soon after his victory at Yorktown, peace negotiations ended the war in 1783 and Washington, wanting no part of public political life, retired to his estate in Virginia. He was soon recalled by popular demand and was elected to the presidency in 1789, where he played an instrumental role in establishing precedents such as term limits, modest decorum, and lenient justice. In 1797, he retired for good and lived out his days at Mt. Vernon, dying in 1799.

In Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, George Washington is a charismatic and resourceful statesman. As leader of the land of opportunity, he uses a wide range of tactics and will not be easily outwitted. Whether through military might, raw economic output, or technological advancement, he will seize any advantage that he sees.


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