This article is about the unique unit in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. For the scrapped unit of the same name in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, see Genitour (infantry).
"Berber unique unit. Mounted Skirmisher."
Age of Empires II description

The Genitour is the second unique unit of the Berbers in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. It can be trained at the Archery Range once the Castle Age is reached. It is essentially a mounted Skirmisher. Since Genitours cost no gold, they are considered trash units.

Genitours can be upgraded to Elite Genitours in the Imperial Age.

The Genitour is a shared unique unit, i.e. it is available to any player allied with a Berber, so in essence, it is their team bonus.

Tactics Edit

Genitours are excellent counters against any archer-using opponent. Due to their comparatively high hit points and attack bonus against all archer units, Genitours emerge victorious against almost any archer unit in the game. They can also be used to hit-and-run against infantry, but the regular Cavalry Archer is much better suited for that due to its higher base attack. Encounters with cavalry and siege weapons should be avoided, because the Genitours cannot make use of any of their beneficial traits against these units.

Comparison to the Skirmisher Edit

While in general similar in terms of use on the battlefield, the Genitour has advantages and drawbacks in comparison with a standard Skirmisher. It is faster, has significantly more hit points (especially for civilizations with access to Bloodlines), has slightly more attack, and can hit-and-run against infantry. On the other hand, it requires twice the amount of food to train, has less range and is vulnerable to anti-cavalry units like Camel Riders and Pikemen.

Whether or not to use Genitours depends much on the player's playing style, their civilization, and the current situation. For the Berbers, Genitours are usually preferred in the Imperial Age, because they fit in nicely with the Berber cavalry army and don't lag behind like Skirmishers do. In general, Genitours are favorable against Cavalry Archer using civilizations and, naturally, for the Turks as they lack Elite Skirmishers and have fantastic Genitours with their Sipahi technology.

Further statistics Edit

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Archers, Cavalry Archers
Weak vs. Camel Riders, Pikemen, siege units, Genoese Crossbowmen, Huskarls, Eagle Warriors
Hit points Bloodlines Bloodlines (+20)
CastleAgeUnique Sipahi (+20,Turks only)
Attack Fletching Fletching (+1)
Bodkinarrow Bodkin Arrow (+1)
Bracer Bracer (+1)
Chemistry Chemistry (+1)
CastleAgeUnique Atlatl (+1, Aztecs only)
Range Fletching Fletching (+1)
Bodkinarrow Bodkin Arrow (+1)
Bracer Bracer (+1)
CastleAgeUnique Atlatl (+1, Aztecs only)
CastleAgeUnique Andean Sling (eliminates the minimum range, Incas only)
Accuracy Thumb Ring Thumb Ring (increases accuracy to 100%)
Ballistics Ballistics (hit moving targets)
Armor Paddedarcherarmor Padded Archer Armor (+1/+1)
Leatherarcherarmor Leather Archer Armor (+1/+1)
Ringarcherarmor Ring Archer Armor (+1/+2)
CastleAgeUnique Silk Armor (+0/+1, Tatars only)
Speed Husbandry Husbandry (+10%)
Conversion defense Faith Faith
Heresy Heresy
Creation speed Conscription Conscription (+33%)
Upgrades Elite-unique-research Elite Genitour

Civilization bonuses Edit

  • Aztecs: Genitours are created 11.1% faster.
  • Celts: Genitours can convert herdables even if enemy units are next to them.
  • Chinese: Technologies that benefit Genitours are 15%/20% cheaper in the Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Cumans: Genitours move 5%/10%/15% faster in the Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age.
  • Franks: Genitours have +20% hit points.
  • Huns: Genitours are 10%/20% cheaper in the Castle Age/Imperial Age.
  • Koreans: Genitours costs -15% wood.
  • Mongols: Genitours fire 25% faster.
  • Saracens: Genitours have +3 attack against buildings.
  • Spanish: Blacksmith upgrades that benefit Genitours cost no gold.
  • Tatars: Genitours deal +25% damage when attacking from higher elevation. Thumb Ring is free.
  • Vietnamese: Genitours have +20% hit points. Conscription is free.

Team bonuses Edit

Changelog Edit

The African Kingdoms Edit

  • Non-Elite Genitours initially have 4 attack and 3 range. With patch 4.8, they have 3 attack and 4 range.
  • Non-Elite Genitours have 3 pierce armor.
  • Aztecs: Initially, the civilization bonus that gives a creation speed boost to all military units does not apply to Genitours. With patch 4.8, however, this was fixed.
  • Koreans: Genitours are trained at the regular cost.

Definitive Edition Edit

  • Genitours receive +2 attack against Spearmen.
  • Koreans: Genitours now cost -15% wood.
  • With update 35584, Non-Elite Genitours have 4 pierce armor.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to the release of The Conquerors, the Genitour was originally planned to be the unique unit of the Spanish, behaving largely similar to how it does now, though due to reasons unknown it was scrapped and replaced with the Conquistador. The WIP unit lived on, however, as an untrainable unit in the Scenario Editor in the form of a Militia that tosses javelins with each swing of his club and moves at cavalry speed.
  • The term "Genitour" is derived from "Jinete", meaning "horseman" in Spanish. Jinetes were historically deployed as a kind of mounted fast-moving skirmishers, which is depicted rather accurately in the game, though the use of the term is rather odd for a civilization such as the Berbers. A more accurate iteration of the in-game name would be "Zenata", which is the original root for "Jinete."
  • Zenata Cavalry were often employed on behalf of different rulers, in exchange for payment of various forms: "These Zanata proved the most effective soldiers in the Nasrid armies [...] In 1301 Muhammad II agreed to send a corps of Zanata to Jaime II of Aragon in exchange for galleys [...]  There may have been as many as 10,000 at times, though the 600 whom Muhammad V sent to help Pedro the Cruel of Castile was probably a more typical force" (Hugh Kennedy, Muslim Spain and Portugal: A Political History of al-Andalus). This is likely the inspiration behind its availability to allied players.
  • Genitours are one of only three unique trash units. The others are Imperial Skirmishers and Magyar Huszars (if Corvinian Army is researched).
  • The Genitour is also one of the very few units where its upgrade does not cost any gold. The others are the Capped Ram, the Siege Ram (both since patch 1.0b), the Heavy Scorpion, the Plumed Archer, and the Kipchak.
  • The Turks are arguably the most grateful for access to the Genitour. Their skirmishers are the worst in the game, and Sipahi puts their Genitours among the best.

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Genitours AoE2

Genitours AoE2

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