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Mounted skirmisher. Trainable by Berbers and their allies.
Age of Empires II description

The Genitour is the second unique unit of the Berbers in Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms. It can be trained at the Archery Range once the Castle Age is reached. It is essentially a mounted Skirmisher. Since Genitours cost no gold, they are considered trash units.

Genitours can be upgraded to Elite Genitours in the Imperial Age.

The Genitour is the team bonus of the Berbers, so is a shared unique unit, i.e. it is available to any player allied with a Berber player.


Genitours are excellent counters against any archer-using opponent. Due to their comparatively high hit points and attack bonus against all archer units, Genitours emerge victorious against almost any archer unit in the game. They can also be used to hit-and-run against infantry, but the regular Cavalry Archer is much better suited for that due to its higher base attack. Encounters with cavalry and siege weapons should be avoided, because the Genitours cannot make use of any of their beneficial traits against these units.

Comparison to Skirmishers[]

Since both units are available from Castle Age and fill the same anti-archer role, it is fair to compare them. While in general similar in terms of use on the battlefield, the Genitour has advantages and drawbacks in comparison with a standard Elite Skirmisher. It is 40% faster, has significantly more hit points (even more so with Bloodlines), and can hit-and-run against infantry. With the Elite upgrade, it even has +1 attack over Elite Skirmishers. On the other hand, it requires 60% more food to train, has -1 range and is vulnerable to anti-cavalry units like Camel Riders and Pikemen.

Unit comparison in the Castle Age[]

Elite skirmisher aoe2DE.png Elite Skirmisher GenitourIcon-DE.png Genitour
Cost 25 food, 35 wood 40 food, 35 wood
HP 35 50
Attack 3 3
Attack Bonus +4 vs Archers
+3 vs Spearman
+2 vs Cavalry Archer
+4 vs Archers
+2 vs Spearman
Accuracy 90 90
Frame Delay 19 12
Attack Delay 0.52 0.5
Range 5 4
Armor 0/4 0/4
Speed 0.96 1.35
Line of Sight 7 5
Training Time 22s 25s
Upgrade Cost and Time 300 wood, 450 gold

50 seconds

500 food, 450 wood

60 seconds

Unit comparison in the Imperial Age[]

Imperialskirmishericon-DE.png Imperial Skirmisher GenitourIcon-DE.png Elite Genitour Elite skirmisher aoe2DE.png Elite Skirmisher
Cost 25 food, 35 wood 40 food, 35 wood 25 food, 35 wood
HP 35 55 35
Attack 4 4 3
Attack Bonus +5 vs Archers
+3 vs Spearman
+4 vs Cavalry Archers
+5 vs Archers
+2 vs Spearman
+2 vs Cavalry Archers
+4 vs Archers
+3 vs Spearman
+2 vs Cavalry Archers
Accuracy 95 90 90
Frame Delay 19 12 19
Attack Delay 0.52 0.5 0.52
Range 5 4 5
Armor 0/5 0/4 0/4
Speed 0.96 1.35 0.96
Line of Sight 7 6 7
Training Time 22s 25s 22s

Whether or not to use Genitours depends much on the player's playing style, their civilization, and the current situation. For the Berbers, Genitours are usually preferred in the Imperial Age, because they fit in nicely with the Berber cavalry army and do not lag behind like Skirmishers do. In general, Genitours are favorable against Cavalry Archer using civilizations and, naturally, for the Turks as they lack Elite Skirmishers and have fantastic Genitours with their Sipahi technology.

Comparison of bonuses and upgrades[]

Skirmisher aoe2DE.png Skirmisher line GenitourIcon-DE.png Genitour line Common Upgrades
CivIcon-Byzantines.png Byzantines counter unit discount
CivIcon-Lithuanians.png Lithuanians Skirmisher speed boost
CivIcon-Saracens.png Saracens team bonus
CastleAgeUnique.png Yeomen
Unique-tech-imperial.jpg Tower Shields
BloodlinesDE.png Bloodlines and CivIcon-Franks.png Franks cavalry HP boost
HusbandryDE.png Husbandry and CivIcon-Cumans.png Cumans cavalry speed boost
CivIcon-Huns.png Huns cavalry archer discount
Civ Icon Gurjaras.png Gurjaras cavalry attack boost
CivIcon-Mongols.png Mongols cavalry archer attack speed boost
CivIcon-Tatars.png Tatars team bonus
CastleAgeUnique.png Silk Armor
CastleAgeUnique.png Sipahi
ThumbRingDE.png Thumb Ring (equal effect)
FletchingDE.png Fletching line
ChemistryDE.png Chemistry
BallisticsDE.png Ballistics
PaddedArcherArmorDE.png Padded Archer Armor line
Civ Icon Dravidians.png Dravidians Skirmisher attack speed boost