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Genghis Khan, also spelled Chinggis Khan (c. 1162 – August 18, 1227), was the founder of the Mongol Empire, which was the largest in the Middle Ages and of all time up till that point. The conquests of Genghis Khan and his son Ogedei form the basis of the Mongol campaign in Age of Empires II.


Genghis Khan is a cavalry archer hero available only in the Scenario Editor and the Crucible scenario of his campaign, where he cannot be controlled by the player. Genghis Khan is portrayed as a Mangudai, albeit with higher armor, attack and health. He is one of the strongest heroes in the game. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health (since The Conquerors).


The nomadic tribes of the Asian steppes spent centuries entangled in their own petty feuds until united under Genghis Khan. Within years, a highly disciplined army pours out of Mongolia to embark on a campaign of world conquest. But how can a tribe of horse archers possibly overcome the military might of Persia and Eastern Europe, let alone the technologically advanced empires in China?
—In-game campaign description

The Genghis Khan campaign consists of 6 scenarios. The player plays as the Mongols, and the player color is orange.

The Genghis Khan campaign map

  1. Crucible
  2. A Life of Revenge
  3. Into China
  4. The Horde Rides West
  5. The Promise
  6. Pax Mongolica

The campaign is narrated by the anonymous author of The Secret History of the Mongols, the main primary Mongolian source in the life of Genghis Khan and the history of the Mongols before and during his reign.


  • Genghis Khan is one of only two The Age of Kings characters with the distinction of appearing in the campaign of two different Age of Empires games, the other being Joan of Arc.
    • In the DS version, Genghis Khan is a hero unit who accompanies the player throughout the entire campaign. His abilities include Nomadic Travel, Overwhelming Siege, Mongol Terror and Patron of the Arts.
  • Prior to the Vietnamese changing architecture in the Definitive Edition, this was the only non-anthology campaign where the player controls a civilization with the East Asian building set.
  • Of all campaigns in The Age of Kings, the Genghis Khan campaign was the first decided during development. A version is already described in the fifth Design Document of Ensemble Studios (dated 17 July 1998), although with some notable differences, like the lack of an equivalent to The Horde Rides West, more scenarios set in China, and a final allohistorical scenario in which the player has to conquer Western Europe.
    • In addition, at this point the Mongols (along with the Celts and the Vikings) were planned to have a "nomadic" building style and a gameplay based on raiding, but this was cut. The East Asian set campaign would have been instead about the Japanese fighting the Mongol invasions of 1274 and 1281.
  • In the Spanish version, the name Tayichi'uds is translated as "Tajikistanos" (Tajikistanis). However, the Tajiks are actually a Persian-speaking people and therefore unrelated to the Tayichi'uds, who were a Mongol tribe.
  • For a brief period after update 39284, players could unlock the cheat code "Yes We Khan", which can be used only in this campaign and replaces all Mangudai with the Genghis Khan hero unit.
  • In the Definitive Edition, the Genghis Khan scenarios were the only ones to use orange as the player's color. In The Forgotten, the Prithviraj campaign also used orange, but was changed to blue in the Definitive Edition. In Dynasties of India, orange was later used for the Babur campaign.
  • The player fights a few Slavic factions represented by Goths and Teutons, because their own civilizations were not yet introduced until The Forgotten. They were changed to Slavs in the Definitive Edition. Two of the Slavic factions were then changed to Bohemians and Poles in Dawn of the Dukes.
  • In old patches (until 1.0b/1.0e) in the campaign scenario Crucible, there is a small chance that Genghis Khan's troops will push his unit into the conversion zone of the player's initial troops, causing him to be controllable by the player and making the scenario ridiculously easy.
  • Genghis Khan is a title of uncertain etymology. Proposals include "Ocean-like / Wide spreading ruler" and "Upright Ruler".
  • Genghis Khan's birth name, Temujin, is Mongolian for Blacksmith - or more literally, "iron worker" (Proto-Turkic *temü(r)) + Mongolic occupational derivational suffix -cin.
  • He appears again in the second (The Great Wall) and third (The Battle of Zhongdu) scenarios of the Shock and Awe chapter of the The Mongol Empire campaign in Age of Empires IV.