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Egyptian mercenary equipped with an automatic-fire gun mounted on a camel. Good against infantry, particularly Heavy Infantry.
—In-game description

The Gatling Camel is a unit in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals.

In-game dialogue[]

The Gatling Camel speaks Egyptian Arabic using dialogue files of the Mameluke.


The African Royals[]

  • Originally, Gatling Camels have 15 ranged damage, 16 range, and x1.5 multiplier against heavy infantry. With update 61213, they have 13 ranged damage, 14 range, and x1.25 multiplier against heavy infantry. Although it is not listed in the patch notes, with update 13.4412, Gatling Camels have 14.5 ranged damage and 14 range.
  • Originally, Gatling Camels cost 400 coin, have 300 hit points, a speed of 6.25, take 4 population, give 40 XP when trained or killed, have 23 melee damage, a multiplier of x0.75 against cavalry, x0.5 against artillery and villagers, and 2.0 ranged Rate of Fire. Although it is not listed in the patch notes, with update 13.4412, Gatling Camels cost 450 coin, have 320 hit points, a speed of 5.75, take 5 population, give 45 XP when trained or killed, have 22 melee damage, a multiplier of x0.5 against cavalry, x0.34 against artillery, x0.25 against villagers, and 3.0 ranged Rate of Fire.


  • The Gatling Camel is the only artillery unit that is tagged as cavalry, and the second artillery unit that is tagged as light cavalry, the first being the Siege Elephant.
  • Culverins have an additional ×2.0 hidden multiplier against Gatling Camels, making their total damage multiplier against Gatling Camels ×8.0.
  • It is possible that they never existed[1].


When the Gatling Gun made its way to Africa and the Middle East during the 19th century, it was first used by European powers to overcome much larger forces. However, the so-called Gunpowder Empires of the Middle East soon adopted this technology and began to mount Gatling Guns atop camels as a replacement for the zamburak, an artillery piece that was then gradually rendered obsolete by its more effective successor.



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