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Gargarensis is the main antagonist in the Fall of the Trident campaign of Age of Mythology. He is a Cyclops and the descendant of the Greek God Poseidon. Gargarensis orchestrates an elaborate plan to release Kronos and become immortal. Gargarensis is aided by a Minotaur, Kamos, and Kemsyt, an Egyptian bandit-lord.


Like the Cyclops unit, Gargarensis has a powerful throwing ability. He is classified as a hero unit and is effective in combat against myth units. If Gargarensis is killed, he collapses and can be revived.


Gargarensis sends Kamos to provoke Atlantis by stealing a trident from a monument to Poseidon (the civilization's patron). Kamos steals the object but is pursued by Arkantos, Admiral of Atlantis. Arkantos retrieves the sacred object and goes to fight at Troy. Sometime beforehand, Gargarensis had Kemsyt lead some bandits to Ioklos. After Troy has fallen, Arkantos and his ally, Ajax, a Greek prince, head to Ioklos to repair their ships. The duo learn what has happened and later defeat the bandits with various Militia, Centaurs, and Astynomia.

Gargarensis imprisons Chiron, a centaur hero, and leads prisoners up a pass into cliffs. Ajax and Arkantos save Chiron and follow the bandit trail.

Here, Gargarensis is found opening a passage to Erebus. Arkantos, seeing this, fights Gargarensis's forces and makes it to the passage to see where the other slaves have gone. After taunting Arkantos about his city and son, he calls down meteors from the sky and kills the slaves and Arkantos's forces. Then, he walks into the open Underwold Passage. Down there he tries to open the first gate to Tartarus. Arkantos and some back-up forces manage to destroy his gate ram.

Egyptian part[]

Meanwhile, Kemsyt attempts to stop Amanra, a Nubian leader, from defeating himself and his Set worshiping bandits. The three protagonists find a way into Egypt and aid Amanra. The heroes find a piece of Osiris and then try to reunite pieces of the god, bringing him back from the dead. Chiron meets Niordsir, a Norse soldier sent to defeat Gargarensis by the Valkyrie Reginleif. United by their common purpose, they retrieve Osiris' head from the great Tamarisk Tree. Amanra steals a piece from Kemsyt, and in the Levant, Arkantos traps Kamos and kills him, securing the fourth and final piece. Kemsyt attempts to prevent the resurrection of Osiris but the heroes reunite the pieces and summon Osiris. Kemsyt then flees Egypt with Gargarensis.

The heroes realize that Gargarensis is heading to Midgard, trying to reach Niflheim, the Norse Underworld.

Norse part[]

Kemsyt (disguised as Gargarensis) is beheaded by Ajax out of vengeance for Chiron's death.

On the way, Arkantos and Ajax free Odysseus from Circe and bid him farewell. The villains meet with the trickster god, Loki (disguised as Skult) and enlist his help. The heroes find Reginleif and the dwarven brothers Brokk and Eitri. The dwarves forge Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, closing the third gate, however Chiron sacrifices himself so the others can flee Niflheim. The heroes retreat into a town and fortify it, The villains besiege the heroes and are about to finish off Arkantos and his allies when Odysseus arrives with a huge army. Using Loki's magic, Kemsyt is disguised as Gargarensis and killed by Ajax.

Showdown at Atlantis[]

Gargarensis heads for the fourth gate in Atlantis. He calls upon his ancestor, Poseidon, to help him break Kronos out from underneath the Great Temple Complex on the island, and Poseidon responds by animating one of the statues erected in his honor. Arkantos and the others evacuate Atlantis. Arkantos, after building a Wonder to Zeus, is later blessed by Zeus and strikes the statue down. It starts to crack and its trident falls impaling Gargarensis, who dies and vanishes into the ocean along with Atlantis.

In-game information[]

Age -- 59
Homeland -- Lerna
Occupation -- Warlord
Special attack -- Cyclops throw

Gargarensis is a cyclops and a distant descendant of Poseidon. His great-grandmother, Amymone, was seduced by Poseidon for which Gargarensis has never forgiven him. Rather than try to exact revenge against the sea god, the cyclops figures Poseidon owes him. He wants nothing more than to be a god himself and will stop at nothing to achieve this.
—In-game help section


  • Gargarensis is heard reciting verses from the poem "Lepanto" written by G.K. Chesterton in the ending cutscene of I Hope This Works and Bad News and the opening cut scene of North.
  • Gargarensis is descended from Lerna (Greek: Lerne/Λέρνη), a lake close to the ancient city of Argos, where the Hydra lived, before getting killed by Heracles.
  • Gargarensis is the grandson of the sailor Naupilus, the founder of Nauplia, and likely also the son of the leader of the Greek expeditionary force into Troy, Palamedes, who also brought Odysseus into the war, and was also never forgiven for doing so, and as such was stoned to death by him, and Diomedes.