The Garden is a building only available to the Chinese in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. It is the only way for Chinese to gain favor, but it can also be used to generate other resources instead. Only 10 Gardens can be built, with each one increasing generation rate for the chosen resource. All of the gardens must be tasked on one resource, meaning the player cannot make one generating favor and the other generating food. The first two Gardens are cheaper, but only the first time they are built, not if they need to be rebuilt.

Resources Generation Rates Edit

  • Food: 0.475 per second
  • Wood: 0.475 per second
  • Gold: 0.475 per second
  • Favor: 0.0475 per second

God Bonuses Edit

Nü Wa Edit

  • Each Garden provides +1 population.
  • Gardens generate favor rate +20%.

Fu Xi Edit

  • Gardens require less wood.
  • Faster build rate through Blessed Construction.

Technologies Edit

History Edit

"The Garden is a economic building unique to the Chinese civilisation. Aside from its pleasing visual, the Garden's purpose is to generate resources based on the player's choice but with the caveat that only one resource can be generated at a time. While the player can build more than one garden, they will all generate the same resource without the option to set them individually."

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