On the island of Java, a new power is rising. Gajah Mada, prime minister of Majapahit conspires to build an empire to rule the waves and islands of the Archipelago. Will he be able to balance his unconditional loyalty to the king with his growing ambitions?

Gajah Mada is a campaign in Age of Empires II HD: Rise of the Rajas.

Gajah Mada was the chief minister of the Majapahit Empire in the 14th century. He is famous for his Sumpah Palapa oath, where he said that that he would fast until he defeated the entire Indonesian archipelago. His struggle to fulfill that oath forms the basis of the campaign.

Although the campaign is named after Gajah Mada, the first scenario actually focuses on the story of Mapapahit establishment by Raden Wijaya and his followers.

Unit Edit

Gajah Mada is an infantry hero found in the titular campaign and in the Scenario Editor. He is displayed as a sword-wielding infantry with his own unique sprite. He makes two appearances in Unconditional Loyalty and The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy. If he is killed during the campaigns, the game is not lost. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health.

Campaign Edit


The Gajah Mada campaign map

The Gajah Mada campaign consists of 5 scenarios. The player plays as the Malay, and the player color is red.

  1. The Story of Our Founders
  2. Unconditional Loyalty
  3. The Oath to Unify Nusantara
  4. Serving the New King
  5. The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy

Historical comparison Edit

  • The campaign map features a Borobudur ship as the scenario icon, which was about 500 year older and was not used by the Majapahit Empire. The main Majapahit ship was the jong, a type of large ship, armed with swivel guns (cetbang) and barunastra (a giant steel tipped arrow that functioned as an underwater torpedo - possibly a kind of rocket propelled scorpion).
  • Gajah Mada's depiction in the game is based on M. Yamin's illustration from 1945, which was then used in numerous depictions of Gajah Mada in the form of statues, paintings, and popular media. The in-game unit sprite shows a bare-chested, muscular man, wielding a kris and wearing a fabric (sarong) at the waist. Historical sources, however, do not support this. Kidung Sundayana stated that in the war, Gajah Mada wore a golden embossed karambalangan (breastplate), armed with a gold-layered spear, and with a shield full of diamond decoration.

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