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The Gaia Forest Tree is a special type of tree featured in Age of Mythology: The Titans.


Gaia Forest Trees are not native in any random map in Age of Mythology. Instead, they are summoned via Gaia Forest, a god power available solely to worshipers of Gaia. They also appear in some of the last campaign scenarios of The New Atlantis, evidence of Gaia's increasing influence to the plot's advancement.

Each use of the power creates 20 aspen trees, and each tree contains 200 wood (instead of the usual 150 wood), plus Citizens gather from these special trees just under 15% faster than ordinary trees.

It is also useful as a barrier to keep enemy troops from entering an area. Early in the game it provides a nice boost in wood and later on it can provide a source when most of the wood is used up. Before the release of Extended Edition, Gaia Forest Trees could not be targeted by the Walking Woods god power, but have always been susceptible to Forest Fires.


  • If Gaia Forest Trees are targeted by Walking Woods, they turn into Walking Oaks.
  • The species represented is the quaking aspen, a species of tree that forms clonal colonies with a shared root system.
    • This means that technically, a summoned Gaia Forest is essentially a single organism.


Aspen are deciduous trees, related to willows and poplars. They have round or heart-shaped leaves with long, vertically flattened stems which cause the leaves to tremble in even the slightest breeze, giving rise to the tree's common name "Quaking Aspen".

Aspen trees grow rather quickly in middle to high elevation environments. Stands, or forests, of aspen trees have a strong, well-established root system that make the trees very hearty and among the first species to regrow after forest fires.

Many parts of the aspen tree were valued by Native Americans for curative properties and the chief ingredient in aspirin is found in aspen bark.
—In-game help section