Furious the Monkey Boy is a cheat unit in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. Despite the name, the unit is not a monkey but an ape that moves by knuckle-walking, and bashes his targets with one hand. Furious can destroy buildings with just a few mere swipes of his hands, yet is of limited use as he can take only 9 hits before dying (increased to 24 in the Definitive Edition) and is rather slow. Furious is also available in the Scenario Editor.

Campaign appearances Edit

  • There are three Furious the Monkey Boy appearing in the A Promising Warrior scenario of the Prithviraj campaign, where they are actually the three "dolls" which the player must shoot. They must be shot in 9 seconds to master the "art of shooting blindly", if the player has opted to meet the Guru.
  • Furious the Monkey Boy is a playable character in the Welcome Home scenario of the Yodit campaign.

Changelog Edit

The Conquerors Edit

  • Furious the Monkey Boy has 9 HP.

Definitive Edition Edit

  • Furious the Monkey Boy has 24 HP.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Furious the Monkey Boy was named after an Ensemble Studios employee's then unborn son, and uses his ultranosograph picture as unit icon (before the Definitive Edition).
  • Furious cannot travel on Transport Ships.
  • When killed, instead of falling to the ground like most units, Furious will break into pieces after a small explosion.
  • In the Definitive Edition, Furious's appearance is changed to resemble a chimpanzee.

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