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Be frozen by the winds of Jotunheim, where Giants roam. Skadi's breath will chill your blood.
—Skadi upon casting Frost
Frost in Action AoEM

Frost is a Norse god power in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Skadi. It encases enemy units in ice, preventing them from moving and attacking but also gives them 99% defense, making them nearly invulnerable.


Similar to its Age of Mythology equivalent, Frost grants the user the ability to freeze a handful of enemy units in ice. Players must target a tile where an enemy unit stands and it will be frozen, along with any adjacent enemy units. This causes up to eight units total to become immobile for three turns. This can be used to stop an approaching army from attacking the player, buying them time to train new units to counterattack. The ice also acts like a makeshift wall, prevent other units from passing through. If used on a choke point on the map, the enemy will be forced to take a detour to reach the player's base, or will even be stopped altogether.

Frost can also be used offensively to some extent. Players can cast it on an enemy army defending a town, allowing their own units to reach the enemy base and begin leveling their buildings. What's important to remember is that frozen units cannot attack, but they can counterattack. Although counterattack damage is usually low, the fact that frozen units have maximum defense means they will always deal more damage that what is attacking them. Therefor, it is recommended to ignore frozen units until they thaw.

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