Frost is a Norse Heroic Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Skadi. When cast, it freezes in place all enemy units in a large area for a minute but gives them 99% armor to all attacks, essentially making them invulnerable.

Strategy Edit

As Frost only immobilizes units while rendering them nearly invulnerable, it cannot be used to destroy an enemy army. It should instead be used defensively as a delaying tactic. If caught off guard, the enemy force can simply be frozen, allowing the player to create an opposing force to deal with the enemy or retreat to a safer location. Alternatively, it can be used to only freeze a portion of the enemy army, leaving the half sized army very vulnerable to attack.

Frost can also be used offensively. If the opponent has concentrated a good portion of their army in their base, the player can freeze them, preventing the player from fending off an attack. Players are then free to use their siege units to demolish important buildings. As worker units are also affected, this can also stop their resource income. If the enemy has reached their population limit, they will be unable to train new units to supplement their frozen army. The combined loss of unit producing buildings and resource income will make it even harder to counter-attack. This can also be used to stall the construction of a Wonder or Titan Gate.

Trivia Edit

  • Frost ends one second before the timer runs out.
  • Atlantean human units (including Citizens) caught in the god power can convert into heroes to escape. Whether it is a bug or done intentionally is unknown.
    • Given this fact, Atlantean heroes are not immune to the god power, if caught in their hero form.
  • Fast units may be able to escape from Frost, if they can leave circumference area of the god power after it has been invoked before being caught in it. After Frost has spread to maximize the circumference of its area of effect, enemy units may pass through the affected area without being caught.

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