"An army of French Gendarmes (Cuirassiers) and Horse Artillery."
In-game description

The French Expeditionary Army is a Consulate army in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that can be trained by Chinese and Indians if they choose the French as their ally once the Industrial Age is reached. It consists of five Gendarme Cuirassiers and two Horse Artillery.

Strategy Edit

This army is probably the best addition to the Indian military in the later stages of the game. As Gendarmes have essentially identical base attack to Mahout Lancers, while taking only 3 population, and the Indians lack a standard artillery piece, this fills the compositional weaknesses of India. Both Gendarmes and Horse Artillery are excellent against massed ranged infantry, allowing an Indian player to focus their resources on their better units, such as the Gurkha, Howdah, and Sepoy.

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