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Frederick the Great (1712 - 1786) is the AI personality of the Germans in Age of Empires III. He was the King of Prussia from 1740 to 1786 and is voiced in-game by Gregg Berger.


Frederick is confident, grandiose, and forthright. He will let the player know if he thinks they are weak. He often boasts about how the New World will be his empire and is prideful of his armies.


Frederick mainly relies on cavalry-intense armies in most of his matches, as he will almost always field Uhlans and War Wagons as the backbone of his army. These are typically complemented by Falconets and Horse Artillery (if The WarChiefs is installed) to give him some extra firepower. Frederick will also use Doppelsoldners and Skirmishers on occasion, and will generally upgrade them if he can. He originally trains Landsknechts when he is at a low level, but will quickly swap them out for other nation cards as he levels up.

Frederick's deck also shows support in his cavalry, as he unlike the other AIs which usually have a small military and high economic focus, Frederick does run a few cavalry improvement cards in his deck.

In terms of defense, Frederick is quite easy to overwhelm as he does not willingly build outposts. When attacking, it is best to have siege units aim his stables and artillery foundries, to prevent him from training defenders.

One more thing to note is that Frederick is also one of the more aggressive AIs. He usually ages up to the Commerce Age pretty fast and likes to go Fast Fortress. In the Commerce Age, he will attack almost always as soon as he has military units. If he does decide to go treasure hunting, the player might get attacked later but he still might send some Uhlans to raid Settlers/Villagers. But if he doesn't go treasure hunting, he will usually attack with 2-5 Uhlans, 1-3 Doppelsoldners, and 5-9 Crossbowmen. Most of those units he attacks with come from his military shipments.

In the Fortress Age he likes to ship his Fort Wagon right away and build the Fort as close as possible to the player.


As an ally[]

  • Player has high score - "Your great army and my superior intellect shall together vanquish our foes."
  • Starting a game after fighting Frederick previously - "As a foe you earned my respect. I trust you will display similar talent as my ally."
  • Starting a game where he and the player won previously - "As in our previous victory, I will continue to think, live, and die as a king."
  • Beginning a new game - "Perhaps this time we are to make this agreement: You will request what you please, and I am to do what I please." or "Together we will present a storm of destruction for our enemies." or "Our alliance in this conflict will clearly result in the destruction of our foes." or "Your presence lends a dignity to our alliance."
  • Increased difficulty - "Ah, the challenge is increasing. it approaches a level worthy of my genius."
  • Offers player food - "Take this food. And make sure each soldier gets some!"
  • Requests food - "Request that you tribute me food."
  • Receives food - "I thank you for your tribute of food."
  • Offers player coin - "I expect this coin to be used prudently."
  • Requesting coin - "Please tribute me coin for an immediate need I have."
  • Receiving coin - "Thank you for the coin."
  • Offers player wood - "Some of this wood comes from the Black Forest, but all of it is useful to our cause."
  • Requesting wood - "I have a request that you tribute me wood".
  • Receiving wood - "The wood you sent me will be well used. Thank you."
  • Declined Player resource request - "I cannot comply at the moment." or "Without supplies, no army is brave. I will not leave my troops cowering, so I must deny your request for resources." or "I can spare advise, but not resources."
  • Collecting gold from Treasure - "The New World has yielded coin for my coffers."
  • Player collect gold from Treasure - "Another small boost to your coffers."
  • Player collect food from Treasure - "Soldier cannot eat their boots, at least not usually."
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "You have proven yourself a collector. Hopefully next, a warrior." or "Although you have collected more treasures than I have, my base has expanded boldly."
  • Player does not collect enough Treasures - "You are not exploring the advantages of the New World effectively; gather more treasures."
  • Initiating attack - "I have issued the command to attack the enemy town immediately."
  • Enemy Trading Post destroyed by him: - "The alliance to these natives is a boost to the enemy's force I can no longer allow him to have."
  • Building a Fort - "This is a strategic place for a military base. I shall build one."
  • Player builds a Trade Post (natives) - "Your alliance with the locals in this New World is bold. I like that."
  • Agreeing to attack - "Yes, your request is exactly what I would've suggested." or "Of course."
  • Declining to attack - "There will be no push of bayonets from me - I have no army." or "My army is of insufficient size to comply." or "My empire has no army at the moment." or "My soldiers are not ready to enter battle." or "Write to me again after I have assembled an army." or "As soon as I have trained sufficient forces I can assist you. At present I have none."
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "Of course." or "Not an issue, I'll comply." or "Yes."
  • Fighting the British - "I don't know how the British are fighting so well. Didn't anyone tell them they were not allowed off their little island?"
  • Small enemy force enters allied territory - "My reputation alone would be enough to rout their army in this fight."
  • Under Attack - "Bayonets are at our throats! I need assistance in my town now!" or "Request to bring your army to the aid of my town at once!"
  • Major battle between several players - "Troops from several armies fight here. We must coordinate our efforts to wrench victory from this chaos."
  • Near defeat - "In the face of this storm, I believe we have met our match."

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning of a game - "Note to my opponent: This land belongs to me!" or "Welcome to the New World - my New World!" or "Greetings. Prepare to be destroyed." or "This New World looks like it will make a good New Germany, don't you think?" or "I'm not interested in fighting, only in winning". or "I am Frederick the Great. You dare challenge me?" or "I am Frederick the Great. I cannot imagine why you dare to challenge me."
  • Player lost against Frederick last game - "I tire of inept opposition. Bring your best or just have your resignation delivered now." or "I can only hope you will not collapse before my assault as easily as my last foe."
  • Increased difficulty - "These odds are more like it. I'm going to enjoy paving over your town with my empire!"
  • Decreased difficulty -
  • Discovers player's Explorer - "Your explorer has been spotted by my forces. Why don't you hide him behind your town center."
  • His Explorer collapsed then recovered - "You were careless. I rescued my explorer out from beneath your nose."
  • (?) - "Why do you have a cluster of soldiers wandering around in the middle of nowhere?"
  • Small force enters his territory -"You may want to recover the small amount of deserters fleeing through my empire. Oh, I'm sorry, was that your army?" or "What are you going to do with that band of ruffians you call soldiers? Collect truffles?" or "You appear to have some soldiers lost in my empire. Remove them before I am forced to."
  • Player builds Trading Post (Trade Route) - "You may have found a foothold on the trading route, but will that really help you when my armies storm your empire?"
  • Player builds Trading Post (native) - "While you fiddle around with native allies, my men prepare to build cannon."
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "Your focus is on collecting treasures. My focus is on creating an unstoppable military empire!" or "Does collecting pretty treasures please you? Crushing empires pleases me."
  • Player is the first to reach the Colonial Age - "Your quick advancement to the Colonial Age fills me with weltschmerz."
  • Player quickly advances - "It is not that you have beat me in reaching a higher Age, it is that I have displayed superior patience." or "I see you have advanced to the next Age. It's a pity you can't advance your military talents so easily."
  • Player advances slower than Frederick - "Is your empire hitched to a slug?" or "You are taking so long to advance, perhaps you should just pack your whole town up in a wagon and send it back to the old world."
  • Destroys a player's Trading Post (Trade Route) -
  • Destroys a player's Trading Post (natives) - Believe me, the natives will be much happier allying with my empire then yours." or "Losing that trading post was a setback, but no more."
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (natives) - "You have saved yourself the wrath of many native warriors by destroying that trade post."
  • He starts Trade Monopoly victory -"Accept your defeat and just allow this timer to run out in peace."
  • Player team starts Trade Monopoly victory -"Do you think this trade monopoly you have begun can lead you to victory? My army has other ideas."
  • He destroys player team Trading Post (player team Trade Monopoly victory disrupted) -"Did you think I would allow you to win in such a manner?"
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (his Trade Monopoly victory disrupted) -"Your actions have only delayed the inevitable."
  • Destroys a player's Town Center - "Your town center put up as mighty a fight as a she-dachshund." or "I'm sorry I destroyed your town center. Well, no, not really."
  • Player destroys his Town Center - "Flattening my town center has filled me with angst." or "You fool! The finest biergarten and lager in the continent were inside that town center!" or "An effective commander uses all of the resources available to him. I assure you that my town center was only a small element in my arsenal." or "A town center may be the heart of a leader's base, but a wise commander ... , well, I suppose losing it stinks however I cut it."
  • Major battle between multiple players - "There are soldiers from several armies fighting here. Another glorious fray." or "Several opponents engage at once here, but my soldiers are doubtlessly the best trained."
  • His colony under attack - "A kindergartener could have seen that attack coming."
  • Wins battle - "My forces dominant and my strategy superior; how can you defeat me?" or "To defeat you I applied one of my fundamental principles; I attacked briskly and with good order, always endeavoring to gain ground."
  • Army defeated - "That battle was not one I care to have the history books learn about." or "Your army is worthy of... well me! Not good." or "The outcome of that battle has left me speechless. However, the outcome of the war will speak of my victory."
  • Defeat - "It does not take a genius to recognize I am defeated. I request to resign." or "My empire has been defeated. I offer my surrender."


  • Frederick is the second youngest AI personality in the vanilla game. His rule knows no contemporaries.
  • The reason Frederick the Great was chosen to be the AI personality of the Germans is that he is the most famous icon out of all the German leaders between the discovery of the New World (late 15th century) and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire (early 19th century).


Frederick the Great was born in 1712. He was known as lover of music, art, and French literature. Unfortunately for Frederick, his father did not share his love of the arts. The king tried to mold Frederick into an image of himself, a great military leader. When Frederick rebelled against this upbringing he was branded a traitor, imprisoned, threatened with execution, and forced to watch the beheading of his friend, Hans Hermann von Katte.

Frederick's father was not entirely unsuccessful with his son. Although Frederick never relinquished his love of the arts, he did become a great military leader who led the Prussian forces successfully through three wars.

He was a great tactician who had a knack for keeping opposition forces from uniting against him.

While pursuing his interests in writing and warfare, Frederick also managed to make Prussia into an economic powerhouse. With such a wide range of successes both on and off the battlefield, it is no wonder that Frederick was nicknamed "the Great."

In Age of Empires III: Frederick is as confident and charismatic as he was in life. He prefers small forces to large armies and likes to catch his enemies off guard.


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