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Francisco de Paula Santander (1792 – 1840) is featured in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs as the revolutionary leader of Colombia, which is available to French, Ottomans, and Russians. As soon as the player revolts by choosing him, three Ironclads will appear in the Home City naval shipment point.


Icon Unit Description
Colonial militia unit
Colonial Militia Colonists who take up arms as a general-purpose infantry, good against cavalry
Gatling gun
Gatling Gun Early automatic weapon later superseded by machine guns, good against infantry
Ironclad aoe3 unit
Ironclad Armored heavy warship that combines the abilities of a Frigate and a Monitor

Home City cards[]

All of the listed cards can be sent an INFINITE number of times.

Icon Card Description
Chile Home City (Revolutionaries) 16 Colonial Militia Ships 16 Colonial Militia
Gran Colombia Home City (Gatling Guns) 4 Gatling Guns Ships 4 Gatling Guns
Mexico Home City (Fort Wagon) 1 Fort Wagon Ships 1 Fort Wagon and Fort build limit +1
Gran Colombia Home City (Ironclads) 2 Ironclads Ships 2 Ironclads
Revolutionary leaders and nations in Age of Empires III
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