The Fortress Age is the third Age in Age of Empires III. It is characterized by the beginning of fortification in the civilization's colony, the mobilization of heavy artillery, and the improvements of the economy. More advanced cavalry and infantry units become available in the Fortress Age, including the Falconet.

Advancing to the Fortress Age grants buildings a 4 LOS upgrade.

The Fortress Age is followed by the Industrial Age.

Available politicians Edit

Advancement to the next Age requires the selection of a politician to advance with. Different civilizations have different politicians available depending on Home City level and civilization:

Politician Bonuses Civilization
The Admiral of the Sea
The Admiral of the Sea
Ships 1 Caravel and 400 wood British (1)
Dutch (30)
Knights of St. John (1)
Portuguese (20)
Spanish (20)
Ships 1 Galley and 400 wood Ottomans (1)
The Adventurer
The Adventurer
Ships 7 Longbowmen British (1)
Ships 17 Strelets Russians (1)
Ships 4 Pikemen and 4 Crossbowman Spanish (1)
The Exiled Prince
The Exiled Prince
Ages up 2.75 times as fast Dutch (1)
French (30)
Germans (60)
Ottomans (30)
Portuguese (1)
Russians (50)
The Gentleman Pirate
The Gentleman Pirate
Ships 1 Privateer and 2 Barbary Corsairs British (30)
Dutch (20)
Germans (1)
Russians (30)
The Marksman
The Marksman
Ships 6 Skirmishers French (1)
Germans (50)
Ships 4 Abus Guns Ottomans (1)
Ships 6 Cassadores Portuguese (1)
The Mohawk Statesman
The Mohawk Statesman
Ships 3 Iroquois Mantlets and 2 Native Scouts British (10)
French (1)
Portuguese (40)
The Scout
The Scout
Ships 4 Hussars French (60)
Ottomans (60)
Spanish (10)
Ships 5 Cossacks Russians (1)
The Sergeant at Arms
The Sergeant at Arms
Ships 5 Halberdiers Dutch (1)
Ships 3 Doppelsoldner Germans (1)
Ships 8 Pikemen Spanish (1)

Available units and buildings Edit

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