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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For other uses of the term, see Fortress.

The Fortress is the Castle-type building for the Greeks in Age of Mythology.

Attack bonuses[]

  • Ships: ×6.0


Along with the Chinese Castle, it is the most expensive of the five cultures' buildings but has the most firepower. Though not as resilient as the Egyptian Migdol Stronghold, it is stronger than the Norse Hill Fort, and Atlantean Palace.

The Fortress is where Greek siege weapons, heroes and unique units can be trained, and where technologies that improve all these units can be researched. Siege weapons can only be trained at the Fortress, while heroes can also be trained at the Town Center and unique units can also be trained at their corresponding military building if The Titans is being used.

Fortresses fire multiple arrows at enemies within range, mowing down those with low pierce armor. They can be used to bolster a town's defenses, strengthen a player's claim to a neutral area, or as a forward base. However, Fortresses are defenseless against melee attacks unless they are upgraded with Boiling Oil, and, while formidable at defense, they are not invincible. Siege weapons either outrange them or take little damage from their attacks. In a large enough group, human soldiers can destroy a Fortress, though not without suffering substantial losses.


Zeus Units[]

Poseidon Units[]

Hades Units[]


Myth Technologies[]


  • Originally Fortress was the name of all Norse, Egyptian and Greek buildings related to the current Fortress.
    • Fortresses were also supposed to research Masons and Architects, Tower, and Wall upgrades, and act as dropsites. They were also more powerful and imposing much like the Castle in Age of Empires II.
    • Fortresses went through three design changes, the first was a square-ish building that was symmetrical, had sloped lower brick walls, and was more imposing and attractive to look at, the second changed the design to what it is now, only to discard it for a third change similar to the first (in the style of the current Greek building set) until this one was cut.


The first great civilization in Greece, the Mycenaean of Trojan War fame, was a collection of city-states, each centered on a hilltop fortress. The competition between the city-states for farm and orchard lands, plus the threat of barbarian raids from the north, made strong defense critical for survival. The typical Fortress used cliffs, stone walls, strong gates, and winding, exposed approaches to create a powerful defensive position. In addition, the Fortress functioned as a palace, armory, and administrative center for many cities.