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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For other buildings with the same name, see Fortified Wall.

The Fortified Wall is a wall in Age of Mythology. It is an upgrade of the Stone Wall and is used by the Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks.


The Egyptians can upgrade their Fortified Walls to Citadel Walls in the Mythic Age. The upgrade costs 800 food, 500 gold. The research time is 50 seconds. Citadel Walls have 600 hit points more than Fortified Walls.

The Chinese can upgrade their Fortified Walls to Great Walls in the Mythic Age. The upgrade costs 800 food, 500 gold. The research time is 50 seconds. Great Walls have 800 hit points more than Fortified Walls.

For the Greeks, the Fortified Wall is the final wall upgrade.

God bonuses[]

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Generic technologies[]

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Myth technologies[]

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Town defenders improved the earliest simple walls by fortifying them. This involved both strengthening in terms of thickness and construction techniques, and adding protected fighting positions for defenders. Shielded platforms at the top allowed defenders to shoot and fight off climbing attackers. Bastions at corners allowed defenders to bring interlocking fire onto enemies at a wall side from three directions.
—In-game help section


  • When the player saves the game after researching Fortified Wall, upon loading that game, the wall upon selecting is viewed as "Stone Wall" despite the fact that the Wall retains the Fortified Wall appearance and upgrade.


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