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The Fortified Palisade Wall is an unconstructable wall in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It is essentially a Palisade Wall with double hit points. Unlike with Palisade Walls, however, Fortified Palisade Walls have no matching Gate. In the Definitive Edition, Fortified Palisade Walls appear pre-deployed in the Hill Fort random map. They are also available in the Scenario Editor.

Campaign appearances[]

CampaignIcon-DraculaDE Vlad Dracula[]

CampaignIcon-BariDE Bari[]

  • The Onrushing Tide: There are some Fortified Palisades inside the city of Bari, in the player's starting area.

CampaignIcon-FranciscoDE Francisco de Almeida[]

  • Estado da India: Fortified Palisade Walls make up a portion of the Walls protecting the northwest approach to Zamorin's base.

CampaignIcon-YoditDE Yodit[]

  • Broken Stelae: Fortified Palisade Walls compose the inner section of Massawa's double layered wall.

CampaignIcon-BayinnaungDE Bayinnaung[]

  • The Burmese Tigers: The forward Hanthawaddy camp where King Takayupti starts out is protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.
  • The Mandalay Cobra: The Toungoo camp is protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.

CampaignIcon-LeLoiDE Le Loi[]

  • The Final Fortress: Fortified Palisade Walls most of the eastern camp belonging to the Ming Vanguard.

CampaignIcon-Kotyan Kotyan Khan[]

  • Saving the Huts: The southern path towards the Magyars is blocked off by Tatar Fortified Palisades Walls.
  • Blood for Blood: The northern Cuman camp and the Tatar camp are protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.

Battles of the Forgotten Icon Battles of the Forgotten[]

  • Scn 11 york normal York: Fortified Palisade Walls protect the outlying Northumbrian Town Center and Villagers west of York, and the easternmost Mercian base.
  • Scn 13 kurikara normal Kurikara: Northwest and southeast bases of the Taira army are protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.

Algirdas icon Algirdas and Kestutis[]

  • Family Affairs: A small Fortified Palisade Wall section is part of the Palisade around the eastern Teutonic camp.
  • A Worthy Opponent: Fortified Palisade Walls partially protect the city of Vladimir.

32 jadwiga normal Jadwiga[]

  • Duel of the Dukes: Vytautas' eastern starting base has its perimeter protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.

Jan Zizka icon Jan Zizka[]

  • The One-Eyed Wanderer: Zizka's starting camp is protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.
  • Courage and Coin: Fortified Palisade Walls make up the defenses of the Bohemian, Polish and western Teutonic bases. Jogaila's command post is also surrounded by them. They also make up the inner wall of the Crusader Knights' base.
  • The Iron Lords: The northern crossing across the river is blocked off by Fortified Palisade Walls.
  • The Golden City: The outlying Loyalist camp, the Crusaders' camp and Sigismund's base have Fortified Palisade Walls. There are also some Fortified Palisade Walls on Vitkov Hill.
  • Warrior of God: Abandoned bases south and east of Prague are surrounded by Fortified Palisade Walls.

Rajendra Icon Rajendra[]

Ismail Icon Ismail[]

  • The Red Hats: The Ottoman prison north of Erzincan is made of Fortified Palisade Walls. A segment of Fortified Palisade Wall also makes up the Wall around Farrukh's camp.
  • Road to Royalty: Fortified Palisade Walls are present within Tabriz and within the Aq Qoyunlu camp.
  • Alexander Safavi: Fortified Palisade Walls make up the enclosure containing the Baghdadi Camels.

Tamar Icon Tamar[]

  • Yury's Revenge: Some Fortified Palisade Walls are present inside Ivane's camp.
  • The Protectorate: The Turkomans defend their camp with Fortified Palisade Walls. Some also protect the Khans in the southern section of Shamkor. Another small section is present by the Trebuchets to the south of Shirvan.
  • Tamar the Builder: Western entrance into the Saracen camp is protected by Fortified Palisade Walls.
  • The Queen in the Panther's Skin: Every camp at the final battle is defended by Fortified Palisade Walls.

VictorsAndVanquished Campaign Icon Victors and Vanquished[]

  • Scn 35 constantine Constantine XI: Several Ottoman bases have Fortified Palisade Walls.
  • Scn 39 drake Drake: Some Fortified Palisade Walls are present in the northern and southern Spanish Settlements.
  • Scn 28 otto Otto: Fortified Palisade Walls separate the Vikings' base in the north from other players.


  • In the Forgotten Empires mod, the Fortified Palisade Wall was an upgrade of the Palisade Wall. According to Cysion, the reason it was cut was because there was no good way to implement it without making the game too defensive. If it was available in the Dark Age or as a cheap Feudal Age technology, it would make the early game too defensive, but if it were an expensive Feudal Age technology or made available later, it would be useless due to the stronger units available by then.[1]
  • The cut technology Revetments upgraded Palisade Walls into Fortified Palisade Walls, and doubled the hit points of Palisade Gates.



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