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Transforms into a mighty Fort for frontier defense.
—In-game description

The Fort Wagon is a wagon in Age of Empires III that is unique to European civilizations and can only be shipped from the Home City, which builds a Fort for free.

Note that once the Fort Wagon starts building a Fort, it will be lost should the foundation is destroyed or deleted by the player.

In The Asian Dynasties, European civilizations are able to ship at least one Fort Wagon and most are able to ship two.

Civilization differences[]

  • A revolting European player will be able to send the 1 Fort Wagon Home City Card that ships one Fort Wagon and increases the Fort build limit by one, which can be done an infinite number of times.
  • The Chinese can get one (and only one) Fort Wagon by allying with the Russians at the Consulate, which provides the namesake shipment that ships a Fort Wagon.
    • The Indians in the Act III: India campaign can also get a single Fort Wagon by the same method as the Chinese.

Home City Cards[]