Forest Fire is a Norse Classical Age god power in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Freyja. When cast, it sets trees on fire over a selected area.

Strategy Edit

Forestfire anim aom

Forest Fire in effect.

The fire spreads to other trees in a limited radius before they collapse. Hostile units and buildings nearby take damage while the own and allied ones are immune. The closer the enemy units are to the fire, the more damage they take. Forest Fire is useful in damaging enemy buildings. Units can escape the fire quickly but buildings will take damage continually. It can also be used to deny an enemy of a source of wood or to burn a hole through the woods if they are using it as a natural wall.

Forest Fire has a damage cap based on four different variables, which are civilian units, soldier units (includes human units, myth units, and heroes), buildings, and herdables. All four can be damaged independently, i.e. reaching the damage cap of civilian units will not prevent soldier units from taking damage.

  • Villagers ~600 damage
  • Soldiers ~500 damage
  • Buildings ~2.000 damage

Forest Fire can be used very strategically in team games. A teammate playing Gaia can cast Gaia Forest on a location, and the player can then cast Forest Fire, allowing for a precise attack, rather than relying on the random generation of trees. Another relatively unknown strategy is when the player has an Oranos teammate on a water based map. As wood is exceptionally important on water maps, the player can cast Forest Fire near where the enemy is collecting wood, and then have their Oranos teammate cast Shockwave. This can kill up to 9 enemy villagers when done correctly.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, when Forest Fire was cast, a light from heaven was cast on the central trees. This also resulted in a fire whirlwind, however these effects were cut for unknown reasons, mostly likely to preserve memory.

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