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Unique building of the Poles. Used to deposit food and research farming technologies. Immediately collects 10% of food from nearby newly constructed farms. Provides 5 population.
—In-game description

The Folwark is an economic building in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Dawn of the Dukes that is unique to the Poles and replaces the Mill[note 1]. It does everything a Mill does, but occupies 3×3 tiles, has more HP, costs more, takes slightly longer to build, and immediately collects 10% of the food provided by nearby Farms upon being seeded or reseeded, in addition to providing 5 population.

Tactics and placement[]

Compared to the Mill, the Folwark occupies 3×3 tiles, costs 125 wood, takes 40 seconds to build (as opposed to 35 seconds for Mills), has 400 more HP, and grants 5 population space upon construction, akin to Houses. Considering its size, players can fit 8 Farms around perfectly as those also have a size of 3×3 tiles.

The effective radius of the Folwark's instant food collection ability is 4 tiles (from the Folwark's edge), and the Farm must fully fit within this radius (i.e., only one tile gap or no gap at all between the Farm and the Folwark are allowed to trigger the ability). The ability only works for Farms seeded around a preexisting Folwark and will not trigger upon Folwark's construction around preexisting Farms. Considering this, players should use Folwarks for farming instead of Town Centers unless the player is unprotected. One way to circumvent the lack of protection is to place them 3 tiles away from a Town Center. That way, the player can build Farms between the Folwark and the Town Center, and still have Town Centers shelter their farmers while using the Folwark gathering ability at the same time.

The Folwark's instant food collection is tied to the player which built them, giving the following implications:

  • Folwarks converted by other civilizations provide population, but not the instant food collection.
  • Mills converted by Poles grant the instant food collection to Poles. Converted Mills do not show a range indicator, but still provides the instant food collection in the same fashion.
  • Folwarks converted by civilizations other than Poles have their range indicator (if enabled in options) bugging out.
  • Allied or stolen Farms around Folwarks do not trigger the instant food collection for any side involved. However, in a team game, AI players could exploit the Folwark's collection bonus by having Polish workers build Farms and their ally steal the Farm, maximizing the number of times a Polish farm is built.

Considering that the Folwark replaces the Mill, it should be used as one of the needed buildings for advancing to the Feudal Age. Folwarks can also queue Farms and have the auto-reseed button like a normal Mill.


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Further statistics[]

As Folwarks are unique to the Poles, only technologies that are available to them are shown in the following table:

Building strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Nothing
Weak vs. Everything
Hit points Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+10%)
Armor Masonry aoe2de.png Masonry (+1/+1, +3 building armor)
Line of Sight TownWatchDE.png Town Watch (+4)
TownPatrolDE.png Town Patrol (+4)
Conversion defense FaithDE.png Faith
Construction speed TreadmillCraneDE.png Treadmill Crane (+20%)

Team bonuses[]


Folwark is a Polish word for a primarily serfdom-based farm and agricultural enterprise, comparable to a manor.


  • Internally, the Folwark is treated as an upgrade to the Mill, so it possesses all properties of Mills, like dropping of food, farm queue, and auto farm reseed button.
    • If a Mill is placed first and then upgraded to a Folwark, the Mill enlarges in place with its centre at the same position. The resulting Folwark then effectively takes up a 4x4 space (despite being 3x3) because nothing can be built in the partial tiles of space unoccupied at the edges and corners. Any buildings already adjacent to the Mill would overlap with the Folwark.
    • Similarly, if a Folwark is placed for the Poles and then the civilization is changed (so the Folwark upgrade is reversed), the Folwark shrinks in place with its centre at the same position. The resulting Mill still occupies the 3x3 area (despite being 2x2) because nothing can be built in the partial tiles of space unoccupied at the edges and corners.
    • In the game files, there is a Folwark upgrade specifically for other civilizations to use in the Scenario Editor. However, as a bug, the Folwark will always collect 17.5 food, irrespective of upgrades.
  • The Folwark's ability to collecting part of Farms' food is likely inspired by the similar way that Swedish Torps collect resources in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.
  • The Folwark is the only unique building whose appearance changes when the player advances to a new age. It is also the only unique building that can be built in the Dark Age.


  • Even after researching Folwark for other civilizations, the food collected will be 17.5, not 10% of total food. This is because the food increase from Mill upgrades is not actually set to be 10% but is updated with every upgrade. These updates have been limited to Poles.

Scenario Editor Folwark[]

When placed for civilizations other than Poles without researching the Folwark technology, the Folwark is essentially a 3x3 House which allows villagers to automatically drop off food. Villagers cannot be forced to drop off food. While naturally not having Farm upgrades, this Folwark also does not have auto-reseed or farm queue options. It does have the range indicator, but food is not collected automatically.



  1. Technically by upgrading Mills into Folwarks at the start of the game.