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Folstag ate my cattle and hurled my cabin into the river!
—Arngrim’s soldier enraged by Folstag's flag being waved

Folstag is a Frost Giant notorious throughout Midgard as a raider and pillager in Age of Mythology.

He makes his first direct appearance in The Golden Gift downloadable campaign and returns as King Folstag in Age of Mythology: The Titans.

Special Attack[]

King Folstag can freeze lesser Titans in place for 30 seconds. Frozen units are helpless to attacks by enemy units. Requires 60 seconds to recharge.


Fall of the Trident[]

In the Not From Around Here and Welcoming Committee scenarios of the Fall of the Trident campaign, Skult tricks Arkantos into showing the flag of Folstag to the Norse clans, claiming that they will rally under it. Upon seeing the Folstag Flag Bearer, however, the Norsemen become enraged and attack Arkantos and his men.

The Golden Gift[]

In the Brokk's Journey scenario of The Golden Gift campaign, Folstag tries to stop Brokk from getting through a pass. Any unit remaining in the pass for more than a few seconds will set off a Frost God Power. If the map is explored, Folstag (represented by a Frost Giant of Thrym) can be found south of the enemy base, guarded by two Polar Bears called Polaris.

The New Atlantis[]

In the Rampage scenario of The New Atlantis campaign, Folstag, now a king, has changed his ways in recognition of Arkantos's deeds and gained respect among giants and men alike. He offers his aid and that of his fellow frost giants to Kastor in fighting Ymir who has emerged in the Norselands as a result of the gods' hold on the gates of Tartarus having been weakened. He eventually summons the dragon Nidhogg, which he has tamed, to assist the heroes.


Age -- Unknown
Homeland -- Jottenheim
Occupation -- King of Giants
Hobbies -- Cabin tossing, eating cattle

Special Attack -- Folstag’s freezing breath is stronger than his Frost Giant brethren’s. He can freeze Titans!

Folstag was infamous among the human inhabitants of icy Midgard as a troublemaker and destroyer of homes. After the great Atlantean hero Arkantos stopped Gargarensis from bringing Ragnarok upon the Earth, Folstag rethought his hatred of humankind. Through a series of events, including taming Nidhogg, he won the favor of the Midgardians and united the Giants and Norsemen in peace.
—In-game help section


  • Although King Folstag is described as a myth unit by his rollover text, he isn't actually considered as such, he's considered a hero.
  • He is one of the three Heroes in-game who does not have a glow, other than Theris and Skult. Because of this, he does not have a glowing silhouette leave his body when knocked unconscious.
  • Though Folstag's base hit points are 800, he has 960 hit points in Rampage, but he has no upgrades that explain why this is the case.