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The Flying Purple Hippo is an airborne cheat unit in Age of Mythology. It can be spawned at the Town Center with the cheat WUV WOO. It is a speedy hippopotamus with a top hat that flies through the air with bat-like wings and casts a heart-shaped shadow. In the Extended Edition, due to the lighting overhaul, it no longer casts a heart-shaped shadow.


It has a lot of hit points but is not so good in combat, though several of them can inflict a lot of damage. As they are airborne, only ranged units can attack them, though anything that can hit them will do little damage thanks to their high armor. They are best used for scouting or to mark positions for a god power as they have an extended Line of Sight. When they attack, they spit bright red cartoon hearts. They are very effective against animals, so they can be useful if playing against Set.


Scientific name -- Hippopotamus PURPULUZ
Size -- 8000 lbs., 15' long

Hippopotami spend most of the daylight lounging in water in large groups EXCEPTS WHEN THEY ARE FLYING. At night they venture out of the water to graze alone EXCEPTS WHEN THEY ARE FLIEING. They are sluggish on land WHEN NOT FLYING, but can still reach speeds of 30 miles per hour OR MACH 3.4 WHENS FLYING. In the water, they are graceful and display several adaptations for their mostly aquatic existence, including ears and nostrils that can close and a skin excretion that acts as sunscreen. IN AIR THEY AER ALSO GRASEFUL AND THEIR ADAPAPTATIONZ INCLUDEZ LARGE WINGZ IN CASE YOU HADNT NOTISED. Hippos are large animals with large teeth and are aggressive towards humans. Even in modern times, among animals only the mosquito kills more humans each year than hippos. THEY ARE PURPLE AZ A RESULT OF BILLIONZ OF YEARZ OF EVULUTION. Hippos were sacred to ancient Egyptians. The fertility goddess Tauret was depicted as a bipedal hippo. FLYING HIPPOZ ARE SACED TO THOSE WHO SPECULATE ABOUTZ ALKL THE THE UNITZ OF AGES OF MITHOLOGIESS.


  • In Age of Empires III, there is a version of the Purple Flying Hippo called the Flying Purple Tapir.
    • Also in Age of Empires III, it is possible for a Privateer ship to have the name "Flying Purple Hippo" as a reference to the unit.
  • The Flying Purple Hippo is the second fastest cheat unit after the Lazer Bear.
  • The Flying Purple Hippo was originally a joke comment that became a meme within the early Age of Mythology community (specifically Age of Mythology Heaven); the joke came around poking fun at people requesting nonsensical features for Age of Mythology, hence why its description has "Countered with Common Sense". The unit was probably added in acknowledgement of Age of Mythology Heaven, and specifically an old multiplayer clan with the same name.


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