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The world's ugliest dog
—In-game description
No, we didn't make it up. We sort of wish we had.
—In-game description

Fluffy is a Dog cheat unit in Age of Empires III. Fluffy can be spawned by entering the cheat code "we <3 fluffy!1!" and can also be placed in the Scenario Editor. According to the game's texts, Fluffy is the world's ugliest dog. Fluffy, indeed, looks skinny, filthy, and has monster-like characteristics. Despite these, Fluffy remains a very powerful unit, but can still easily be killed by ranged attacks.


  • Fluffy is based on Sam, the three-time champion of the annual Sonoma-Marin Fair World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Northern California in 2003–2005.
  • Fluffy is most likely a reference to Bella, a cheat unit from Age of Mythology: The Titans which is also a dog.


Fluffy is a unique unit with good speed and a powerful attack. Beware Fluffy; he's even uglier than he looks.

Fluffy was discovered running free in the wilds of Texas after brutally killing his owner, Marcin Symansksi. Legend has it that standing in front of a mirror and repeating the words "Fluffy, sit! Sit, Fluffy!" twelve times will cause the dog to appear and chew off one of your legs. Fluffy's unfortunate looks are surpassed only by his odor. If you're in Texas on a dark night and you smell something foul behind you, run! Don't make the same mistake Marcin did.
—In-game history