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Flood of the Nile is an Egyptian myth technology in Age of Mythology that is available to worshipers of Isis that can be researched at a Granary. Once researched, it provides a steady trickle of 0.75 food per second (45 per minute).

Resource trickle comparison[]

There are quite a few means of auto-generating resources in Age of Mythology.

Resource generator Civilization God Resource Rate (per minute)
Aomrelicvase Ring of the Nibelung N/A Gold 18
Aomrelicvase Ship of Fingernails Food 24
Aomrelicvase Ankh of Ra Favor 2.4
VaultsOfErebus Vaults of Erebus GreekPortrait Greeks HadesPortrait Hades Gold 45
PlentyIcon Plenty Vault HephaestusIcon Hephaestus 180
Food 180
Wood 180
MonumentVillagersIcon Monument EgyptianPortrait Egyptians All Favor 4.9 - 6.9
FloodOfTheNile Flood of the Nile IsisPortrait Isis Food 45
Hersiricon Hersir NorsePortrait Norse All Favor 0.6
In combat: 1.2
TownCenterAOMAtlantean Town Center AtlanteanPortrait Atlanteans All Favor 6.3
HornsOfConsecration Horns of Consecration (Rheia): 7.56
GardenIcon Garden ChinesePortrait Chinese All Food 30
HouseAltars House Altars (Dabo Gong): 36
Wood 30
HouseAltars House Altars (Dabo Gong): 36
Gold 30
HouseAltars House Altars (Dabo Gong): 36
Favor 3
HouseAltars House Altars (Dabo Gong): 3.6
NuWaPortrait Nü Wa 3.6
HouseAltars House Altars (Dabo Gong): 4.2
Sacrifices Sacrifices HeBoIcon He Bo 6
  1. Gardens can be tasked to generate any resource, but they only generate one at a time.
  2. The Plenty Vault generates all three resources simultaneously.


Aom original icon Age of Mythology[]

AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]


The Black Land [Kemet], another name for Lower Egypt, refers to the deposits of rich, black soil that the regular flooding of the Nile left behind. This rich, black soil was excellent for farming and, coupled with irrigation and inventions like the shaduf, allowed ancient Egyptians to survive and prosper in an otherwise harsh environment. The Egyptians' whole way of life depended upon these floods. The Nile today no longer floods as it once did. A series of dams and hydro-electric plants, like the one at Aswan, control its flooding and generate electrical energy. Such damming is a subject of great controversy in Northern Africa for many social and environmental reasons.
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