This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the unit in Age of Empires III, see Fishing Boat (Age of Empires III).
Fishing Boats essentially serve as Villagers on ships in Age of Empires. However, their only function is to gather Food from fish schools around the ocean and then drops it to the nearest Dock. They have no offensive capability and can be built from the Stone Age as soon as the game begins. Boats are twice as resistant to conversions than regular units

Upgrades Edit

Fishing Boats can be upgraded to a Fishing Ship upon reaching the Bronze Age which are faster and can gather more food.

Dock Tree
Stone Age
Fishing Boat age of empires
Fishing Boat
Trading boat
Trade Boat
Tool Age
Alu AoE LightTransport v1.00 Icon
Light Transport
Scout Ship
Scout Ship
Bronze Age
Fishing Ship
War Galley
War Galley
Merchant boat
Merchant Ship
Iron Age
Alu AoE HeavyTransport v1.00 Icon
Heavy Transport
Fire galley aoe
Fire Galley
Catapult Trireme

Civilization Bonuses Edit

  • Minoan: Fishing Boats costs 30% less wood.
  • Yamato: Fishing Boats have 30% more HP.
  • Macedonian: Fishing Boats are 4 times more resistant to conversion.

History Edit

The Fishing Boat represents a small, primitive vessel for use by one or a few fishermen. The first boats were probably dugout canoes, made from a single large log. These were excavated by fire and adze. Despite the passage of time and great technological advances in all areas, there are more log-hull boats in use today than of any other single type.

— The Age of Empires manual

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