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Fish are animals and a food source in every game of the Age of Empires series. They are a common sight on any map with open expanses of water.

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Villager fishanim aoe2de

A fishing villager in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

Fish are quite common and provide plenty of food. Either a Villager or Fishing Boat/Ship can be used for fishing, although a Villager can only reach Shore Fish. They have no hit points and do not fight back, making them ideal long-term food sources. Fish provide a good amount of food.

Shore Fish are gathered slower by Fishing Boats, whilst non-shore fish are gathered slower by Villagers. In Age of Empires and Age of Empires II the Shore Fish are the only fish that can be reached from the shore and only takes one tile. All the other fish are only found in deeper water and take 2×2 tiles. In the Scenario Editor, it is possible to stack fish, thus create practically inexhaustible sources of food.

Age of Mythology was the first game not to include shore-fishing (due to how rare fish spawn close enough to the shore line due to algorithms and their obstruction radii).

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The following list shows all types of fish that appear in every game of the Age of Empires series and the amount of food they yield.

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  • Shore Fish were originally intended to appear in Age of Mythology, according to the presence of unused models in the Multiplayer Alpha. They were however cut when Villager fishing was removed.
  • Whales in Age of Empires III are functionally similar to Fish, except they provide an infinite amount of gold instead of a finite amount of food, and can only be gathered by four boats at a time. Like Fish, they can also be gathered by the light warships Caravel, Galley, War Junk, and Fune.
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