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This article is about the Atlantean unit in Age of Mythology: The Titans. For similar units in other games of the series, see Fire Ship.

The Fireship is a Heroic Age Atlantean ship that can be trained at the Dock once the Heroic Age is reached. They fulfill the role of the hammer ship of other civilizations.





They deal a large amount of hack damage and have a large amount of crush armor, making them highly effective against Siege Ships. They are also effective against Myth Units, making them crucial against enemies with naval myth units. Since there are no naval heroes (except for Poseidon's The Argo) they are the only anti-myth unit warship available.

Atlantean Fireships are arguably inferior to other "ramming ships" as they have lower speed and HP. They are especially vulnerable to Arrow Ships due to their low pierce armor. Any defenses on the shore should be avoided as well, though Fireships can be effective at harassing enemy land units close to the shore or Docks. They gain more hit points from the Reinforced Ram upgrade than ramming ships to counteract their slightly lower base hit points.


The success of the Fire Siphon on the battlefield was noted with great interest by the admirals of the Atlantean navy. It was not long before similar devices began appearing on warships. Early mishaps were common; the first few vessels outfitted with the new weapons caught fire before leaving port. But in their first battle against the Egyptians, the Atlantean fireships returned without a scratch, leaving dozens of burning galleys drifting in the shallow waters at the mouth of the Nile.


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