This article is about the Chinese unit in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. For similar units in other games of the series, see Fire Ship.
The Fire Ship is a Chinese naval military unit in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon. Fire Ships are good against siege ships. They are similar to the Atlantean Fireship as they both deal damage by firing projectiles rather than ramming.

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Similarly to Atlantean Fireships, they deal a large amount of hack damage and have a large amount of crush armor, making them highly effective against siege ships. They are also effective against myth units, making them crucial against enemies with naval myth units, since apart from The Argo, there are no naval heroes available.

Chinese Fire Ships are arguably inferior to other hammer ships, as they have lower speed and HP and are the only ones with a minimum range of attack which forces them to repeatedly back away from any melee attackers. They are especially vulnerable to arrow ships due to their low pierce armor. Any defenses on the shore should be avoided as well, though they can be effective at harassing enemy land units close to the shore or Docks. They gain more hit points from the Reinforced Ram upgrade than ramming ships to counteract their slightly lower base hit points.

What sets them apart from their Atlantean counterparts however, is their upgradeability; depending on the Heroic Age and/or Mythic Age minor god that is worshiped, they can have a flexible array of available myth technologies, that can help them adapt easily, whether concerning toughness, sailing speed or cost effectiveness. This arguably makes them better than the other available Fireship in Age of Mythology, and more competitive against hammer ships.

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  • The Fire Ship fires cannonballs rather than a fire stream like the Atlantean Fireship.

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"At the zenith of ancient naval warfare, it was only a matter of time before fire would be introduced as a weapon to counter navies comprised of wooden ships. The Chinese were among the first to build fire ships that spurted flames onto enemy boats and dealt a lot of damage. Their downside was a much lower range and thus they were often sunk before they could get close."

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