The Fire Junk is a Chinese demolition ship in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties. It rams targets, exploding during the process to deal great damage.


The Fire Junk is a cheap ship, with a high attack, high speed and a great line of sight, the highest in the game for a ship, even higher than a monitor's. But it has low hit points, no range and it can be used only once. It's mainly used to quickly destroy ships, especially fragile ones and ones that transport units. It's also useful against land units and buildings directly adjacent to the water, especially when the enemy has them in tight bunches, allowing multiple kills at once. They can also prove useful in shore battles, destroying docks quickly and preventing the enemy from training a fleet.

One of the Fire Junk's weaknesses is that against human players, if the enemy ship flees, the Fire Junk will detonates too early.


  • The game considers the attack from the Fire Junk a hand attack type, which deals siege damage.
  • It uses the same model as the War Junk.
  • When it is trained it quickly begins to burn.
  • The ship can burn infinitely.


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