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This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Fire Giant (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Fire Giant is a Norse myth units in Age of Mythology that available to worshipers of Baldr and Hel. Although the tooltip displays 15 hack attack, this is effectively doubled as Fire Giants throw two fireballs per attack cycle.

Special ability[]

Hurls three fireballs, each dealing 25 hack damage and 15 crush damage to every unit they touch, that travel up to a range of 14 meters. Requires 15 seconds to recharge.

God bonuses and upgrades[]




They are massive engines of destruction who hurl fireballs at enemies. They are very powerful in combat and can easily take down almost any unit. Like Throwing Axemen, they deal hack damage at range. This makes them a good way to counter ranged units (especially siege weapons), which usually have low hack armor. As the Norse lack an effective ranged siege weapon (the Ballista is more effective against human units) Fire Giants can serve as a reliable means to destroy buildings as they also deal crush damage.

Their special attack enables them to hurl three fireballs at a target which deal minor Area of Effect damage. As with all myth units, heroes deal bonus damage against them while taking very little damage themselves. Due to their power, players should make them a high priority in a battle.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Fire Giants have 15 crush damage.

The Titans[]

  • With patch 1.02, Fire Giants have 10 crush damage.


Scientific name -- Atlas muspilli
Size -- 12' tall
Diet -- igneous rocks

The fire giants, or muspilli, are eager participants at Ragnarok and believe in the fiery destruction of the cosmos. The most famous of the fire giants was Surtr ("black"), a jarl who guarded the gates to Muspellheim. He had burning hair, skin of boiling lava and carried a flaming sword. Muspellheim was one of the "middle levels" of the Nine Worlds, along with Midgard and Jotunheim.
—In-game help section


  • When defeated, the Fire Giant shrinks until it disappears. However, this cannot be clearly seen if the Fire Giant's fiery effect is still present.
    • After a Fire Giant has been eliminated, the player can get rid of the "fiery" effects by focusing the screen somewhere else on the map which does not capture the Fire Giant for a very short while then deliberately focus on the defeated Fire Giant to clearly see its "shrinking" death animation.


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